26 Nov
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Rihanna and Childish Gambino co-star in Movie ‘Guava Island’, directed by Hiro Murai

You might recall a photo that appeared earlier this year, around August. It was a snapshot of Donald Glover – aka Childish Gambino – and Rihanna on set for a, then secret, project. The two are co-starring in a new movie directed by Glover’s longtime collaborator Hiro Murai, who also directed the artist’s ‘This Is America’ video.

A photo that appeared on Childish Gambino's Instagram page in August

‘Guava Island’

The trailer of the upcoming movie premiered at Childish Gambino’s PHAROS festival in New Zealand this weekend. Cuban magazine Vistar reported back in August that the title of the movie will be Guava Island, but that is not 100% confirmed yet. In the trailer, that was captured by a fan, there’s no title visible. So we’ll have to wait until the official trailer for confirmation on that.

While the Guava Island title is not confirmed in the trailer, it is labelled as ‘A Childish Gambino Film’. The entire movie was shot in Cuba and also stars Black Panther star Letitia Wright and Nonzo Anozie.


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