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23 May

Róisín Murphy Creates A Series Of 6 Hypnotizing Short Films In Lockdown

Unlike many, Róisín Murphy sure seems to be having a blast in quarantine. The former singer of the trip-hop formation Moloko created a total amount of six performance videos for Stay Homo, a 12-hour live rave, hosted by Manchester’s renowned night club Homoelectric, that streamed on May 10.

The goal of the live stream was to make the viewers temporarily forget the current crisis and dance the day (and night) away, while simultaneously raising support for the LGBTQ+ community.

One-woman show

The Irish singer immediately agreed to do the project. She says: “I’ve spent the last six weeks mainly in my ex-boyfriend’s grey toweling dressing gown, so I jumped at the chance to play dress up. I had a little under a week to get it together, but thankfully I had already been mulling over the idea of trying to recreate my one-woman show in my living room.”

Murphy emphasizes that they’re not pop videos but live performances. Together with her partner Sebastiano Properzi and lighting designer Tom Schofield, she rigged the lighting in her living room and created a green screen effect. Those were then triggered live along with her live performance and vocals.

Unmatched creativity

In these six videos, where she performed, Murphy proves once again that her creativity cannot be matched. Having been in the industry for 25 years, she still finds ways to give us ground-breaking content, even if it’s from the comfort of her own living room.

During the live stream, she debuted Cosmodelica Remix of her most recent single “Murphy’s Law” and hinted that there is more to come soon. If that’s not enough, we can also expect a full-length album in the summer, featuring all of Murphy’s iconic singles with DJ Parrot alongside brand-new tracks.

You can watch Murphy’s performances in all their glory on her YouTube channel.

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