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Roy Woods Talks Finding Himself Through His Music, Fashion and Life’s Limits

It’s the dream of every hip hop or R&B artist to feature on a track by one of the greatest names in the music industry. For Roy Woods, dreams became reality. The boy who featured on the track “Drama” from Drake, got signed to OVO Sound and toured with ChampagnePapi himself, now headlines his own tour through Europe. The 22-year-old Canadian rapper is blessed with ten million views, talent and a good sense of humor.

You just dropped a new song completely out of the blue. How did that happen?

Oh yeah, I did. I thought it was time to drop something, you know? The fans deserved it. I wanted to tease them a little bit.


Your debut album dropped last year, Say Less. How happy are you with that album?

Very happy. All the good responses, the fans who loved it. Many of the people listening to it had never heard of me, or didn’t know me. They figured out who I was through that album. I feel like that album is a growing stepping stone for me because all of the EP’s I already dropped were way smaller projects. Dropping an album is a huge step in who you are and who you are trying to become. It’s a big process, but it was very fun. When you write songs, or try to find your own sound or you’re at the studio, it comes with a lot of challenges. But that’s the fun part about it.


On your new song “Snow White” you rap “You gon’ go broke ‘cause you done spend your limits”, who are you referring to?

I’m not referring to anyone in specific. (laughs) But, you will go broke if you don’t spend with limits. You have to put limits on yourself, and what you want to do in your life. Everybody needs boundaries, or else you are going to be carefree. And if you are, other people get the chance to fuck you over. And that’s a lesson for everybody, not only the rich ones in society. It’s not just the money I’m speaking about, it could be anything in life.


You are signed with OVO Sound from Drake, how excited were you when all of that happened?

Oh man, that was the time of my life. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Drake is from the same city, I looked up to him when I was 12 years old. To be signed to his label is breathtaking. And now I’m 22 and I’m headlining my own tour. That’s a crazy thing to think about, but I feel like I’ve just got to do it because this is what I love to do. I think I was made for this, because it was a dream since I was a kid. I could say I got used to it by now, but I’m still learning too.

Since I’ve been on tour with Drake, that’s the biggest I’ll ever be. That very moment, being on stage with him. But that’s what gave me the chance to do all of this, and I somehow expected to become an artist, but I never expected it to come so fast (laughs). I always had this idea of who I wanted to be, but I never saw myself as a talented artist. So I don’t consider myself as someone who made it, but someone who achieved his goals.I’m just a normal guy who loves to make music. The fact that I am in Europe with my own tour, still destroys my mind right now.


You’ve been on tour for a while now, isn’t it hard for someone who’s only 22 years old to be this far from your family and friends?

I haven’t called my mom since I’ve been out here, and it’s killing me. The worst part is that I can’t, because iMessage isn’t working. I miss her a lot, as it’s been about four months since we talked. But it’s cool, because my family knows I’m working for them too. They don’t bother me to tell me I haven’t spoken to them or called them. They know I miss and love them, but I’m so caught up in work that it’s hard to keep up with them sometimes. Still, they are very supportive and tell me I should go for whatever it is I want to do. I appreciate that.


In an interview with The Review, you talk about searching for your flex on Tumblr back in the days. Did you find your flex?

Yeah. Oh yeah, I definitely did. I absolutely love fashion. For me, fashion and clothing are a reflection of what and who you are. If I see somebody wearing all white or very colorful stuff, I’m going to think something about that person. That gives me an idea of how to, at first glance, judge you. Not judging you as a person, though.

But I remember when I used to feel like shit, I would dress like it. And when I felt like I was the shit, I would dress like it. When you wear something, you wear it because you feel it. I really learned that from clothes. When I got into fashion, I started wearing different things. And that’s how I discovered who I was and how I felt. One day I would wear all black and I’d feel sad. The other day, I would mix the Gucci with the Supreme. If I feel good in an outfit, I’m going to wear it.


What should we expect from you in the future?

I’ve got surprises coming, like the one from earlier today. I can’t give away the surprises, but I bet you they are good. Some new songs, some collaborations maybe. Who knows? Don’t we all love surprises? (laughs)


Photo Credit: Jonathan Zegbe for Enfnts Terribles

Roy Woods
Roy Woods

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