Maxim Meyer-Horn

7 Sep 2021

S10: “I’m Determined to Create the Best Live Show Ever”

Dutch singer and rapper S10 was only 17 years old when she signed her first record deal, but everyone already knew from the beginning that she was a phenomenon with a lot of potential. With millions of streams, a growing fanbase, and incredibly strong songs, her career is shaping up to become one for the books. Just before she performed her first gig in Belgium to promote her incredible album Vlinders‘, we visited S10 backstage for a little chat.

‘Enfnts Terribles’ are people that dare a lot and aren’t shy to be themselves. Based on that definition, would you consider yourself an ‘Enfnts Terribles’?

Yes, I think so.

Would you say that you became more confident over the past few years?

I do feel very well in my own skin and don’t feel insecure. Actually, I’m doing great at the moment.

Do you know why you’re feeling good at the moment? Is it an evolution throughout the past years?

I think that it’s because I’ve been promptly pushed into life. You learn how to go with the flow, which really influenced how I live my life. I’m also surrounded by amazing people and just do a lot. I love to be busy all the time and know that I need to get many things fixed.

Were these months of lockdown difficult for you because you like to have a busy schedule?

I’ve been very lucky because these months were quite packed. I did a lot of shows, planned my tour, released an album, etc. So there wasn’t really a week where I had nothing to do, which was great fun.

Your recent album is called Vlinders (e.n. Butterfly) and sees you blossom as a person. What kind of animal represents your current life?

I think a stray cat. (Laughs)

Because a stray cat feels home everywhere or …

A stray cat is always a bit wounded but still continues to walk through life. People also feel for stray cats and they do that for me too. I can definitely stick up for myself but can be very sweet as well. That’s the first thing that came to mind.

You’re finally able to perform again and performed for the first time in Brussels. Does it bring pressure that people can understand your songs because it’s in their mother tongue or do you see it as an advantage?

I do like to perform in Dutch because I won’t be able to translate all my feelings into another language. All my lyrics are a reflection of everything that goes through my mind, and I also got used to it since I’m doing this for some time already. Sometimes, I see how emotional people get through my lyrics, and I learned how to deal with that, but it’s more of an advantage.

You often collaborate with other artists. What are the things you’re basing yourself on to reach out to someone?

I often pick artists based on my gut feeling and try to reflect if that artist fits me as a person. It’s easier to make good music if there’s a true connection between you and your collaborators.

“Achter Ramen” is a collaboration with Brussels rapper Zwangere Guy. How was it to work with him, and how did the song come about?

I just DMed him and told him that I wanted to work with him. I came to Brussels, and we started a song from scratch, which I really like at the end of the day. Zwangere Guy has a different workflow because he writes his lyrics on paper and works with beats that are already finished, so that’s quite the opposite from me. We’ve been through similar stuff, so writing the song together went smoothly.

Do you think that your songwriting approach has changed compared to your debut?

To be honest, I don’t really think about it. I love to go to the studio and just experiment. Some time ago, I even went to Sweden to record and write songs with producers. I just want to know everything about everything, but I just don’t know everything at the moment. I’m a bit torn about the music I want to make, so I investigate every little corner of music to see if it matches with me. I’m always on the hunt to find things that make my music better.

What kind of direction are you leaning towards at the moment? Are there new themes you try to incorporate?

I don’t really know because it really depends on the things that happen in my life. At the moment, I’m super happy in my life and that makes it difficult for me to write. I’m currently working on another conceptual album, but I have to make my ideas more concrete in the near future.

Where do you see yourself within a year? Do you like to think ahead?

I just worked on the tour and created a whole show. The show will even get ten times better because my head tells me that my shows at the moment aren’t good enough. (Laughs) I haven’t performed a lot but I’m determined to create the best live show ever made in the Low Countries. Just performing in front of many people and creating a new album are my current goals.

You just announced your biggest show yet. What can people expect from your show in the Paradiso?

We will change a lot in the musical aspect. I want my songs to be longer and the productions to be intenser. We’re really going to create a concert experience that we want to perform in bigger venues like the Carré. That’s something I really want to work towards, but my show has to be solid as a rock when I want to achieve that.

Pictures by Kamilia Sain for Enfnts Terribles.

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