Sabine Marcelis, Designer’s Favorite Designer

While searching for a new mirror, we bumped into the creations of Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis. On second thought we already heard about her work. But we’re all so busy that we seem to be rather forgetful lately, even when it comes to beautiful design objects.

Together with Britt Van Nerven, with whom she graduated from the design academy in Eindhoven, she created this beautiful collection of mirrors. Calling these objects “just” mirrors might even be an understatement. Glass specialist Van Dijken offered them the creative and technical freedom to investigate new ideas in working with glass. They experimented in their factory with colors, layering and different materials to achieve the result you see in the first picture. For the practical-minded readers, it won’t be suitable to apply your makeup in the morning. But that’s not at all what it’s meant for. These are pieces of art you’d rather display in the living room.

Céline and Isabel Marant

Sabine Marcelis isn’t only a popular woman on planet deco. Major international fashion brands and designers such as Céline and Isabel Marant are also fans of her work. The display cubicles you see when you enter the boutiques are of her hand. We wouldn’t mind having a few of those in our own wardrobe. Unfortunately, our collection of designer handbags isn’t that extended. And honestly, putting a Zara bag on top of these pieces of art would be a mismatch.

Let’s talk neon: Voie light series

Besides the mirrors and cubicles, Sabine Marcelis is also known for her light-based works called VOIE light series. She created interior objects made from polished polyester with neon light-paths. It has a great effect in the dark, but also in daylight the result looks stunning. We wouldn’t mind having one (or a few) of those in our offices.

Photo credits: Etalageprojects.com, Sight Unseen

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