Saint Sorlin d'Arves


Saint Sorlin d’Arves: Your Affordable Ski Destination

Most of us are part of generation wanderlust, known for “we want to have it all”. During the summer there’s an entire list of festivals we want to attend, probably also an exotic destination we’d like to visit. In between there are tons of cities we still need to explore. From November till the end of May the mountains are calling. There’s just one problem: money! Skiing can definitely be a burden on the financial resources. However, enjoying the snow for less money is possible… At Saint Sorlin d’Arves for example.

Authenticity is key

Saint Sorlin d’Arves is still an authentic French village, located at the highest point of the Les Sybelles ski area. When staying there you immediately notice that family and traditions are key. Everyone knows everyone and people put their heart in the local business. And the 340 inhabitants effortlessly switch careers in between seasons. This means that most sexy ski instructors become dedicated farmers during the summer months.

Les Sybelles

Les Sybelles is the third largest ski area in France, located in the Savoie department. In total there are 310km of slopes to discover of which 67km are blue, 68km red and 19km black. It’s also the perfect ski area for beginners since there are 13km of green slopes where you can learn all the tips and tricks. Based on the prices of accommodations, ski passes and the food on the slopes Saint Sorlin d’Arves is one of the more affordable areas in the Alps.

Saint Sorlin d'Arves
Saint Sorlin d'Arves

A culinary destination

There are two specialties you need to taste when in Saint Sorlin d’Arves. First of all the Sybel’miches at restaurant Hors Piste. It’s an eroded round bread with inside a homemade mix of cheese and black truffle, heavy but oh so good. Obviously the local Beaufort cheese is another must. You can taste it at any restaurant and there’s also the local factory where you can stock up on supply.

In the beginning of April, Saint Sorlin d’Arves ends the ski season in style with a special event called the “Semaine Gourmande” (or greedy week). During this week you can enjoy local delicacies, take cooking lessons and much more. Also the P’tits Chefs à la Neige contest takes place during this week. This is a local baking / patisserie competition for youngsters, assisted by renowned chefs. It’s one of the special events where the locals are very proud of.

All-Year-Long activities

Besides skiing and eating there are loads of other activities to do during the winter season. Like exploring the mountains in Nordic snowshoes, going for a snake slide or a ride with a dog sled. However, also during the other seasons Saint Sorlin d’Arves can be the perfect getaway. The mountains and its nature are the perfect setting to go hiking and to enjoy the calm and fresh air.

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Saint Sorlin d'Arves
Saint Sorlin d'Arves
Saint Sorlin d'Arves
Saint Sorlin d'Arves


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