Claudia Crovato

22 Mar

Our Thoughts on Sango’s New Album ‘In the Comfort Of’

Last weekend Seattle-based producer Sango released his long-awaited album In The Comfort Of. The project was first announced back in 2014, so it was about damn time! Luckily on March 16, the anticipation was finally over. We’ve taken a couple of days to carefully listen it through and now we’re ready to give you our honest opinion.

King of baile funk

But first things first: a little introduction for those who have been living under a rock and never heard of Sango before. Unimaginable, but still… the producer/DJ is one of the most outstanding artists of the digital age. Over the years his fanbase has grown significantly as he kept on dropping one gem after the other. There’s no way of describing his music in any specific terms though. One moment he’ll combine old-school samples over lush R&B, the next you’ll find yourself dancing to his electronic type of beats.

But it’s his Brazilian influenced beat which made him stand out from the rest and gain a huge following. His music will take you straight to the favelas in Rio. Sango’s even the one who incited the whole baile funk movement and inspired many other producers to experiment with Brazilian infused samples. His last album De Mim Pra Voçe, which was released in 2017, was a true blessing to our ears. So our hopes were set high for his new album In The Comfort Of.

Top notch features

On his new 17-track project Sango has decided to assist a top-notch crew: Smino, JMSN, Dave B, Xavier Omär, Jean Deaux, July… and many more. We highly suggest you start off by listening to one of our personal favorites down below. Sango’s breezy production blends so well with Smino’s energetic vibe. The rising rapper really managed to brighten up the album with his bars on Khlorine“. This might even become our go-to springtime jam.

Things we loved

We did notice that Sango’s newest full-length differs a lot from his previous work. Though there are some elements we really appreciated. Sango’s rich percussive textures is something we have always appreciated from the start. “Dance For blessings“, a purely instrumental cut, is a beautiful example of that. Another thing we loved is how he uses samples in various different languages. It keeps things interesting and adds a lot of value to the album.

What’s missing

But we’re missing some overall cohesion in here. The songs change directions so quickly that they leave nothing to hold on to.  Also, where did the Brazilian beats go? We were really hoping to receive some of that good old, smooth baile funk to feed our souls. Unfortunately, that wasn’t part of Sango’s plan. Still, it’s an enjoyable album but we have to admit, we prefer his previous projects over this one. Let us know what you think of Sango’s new album because we’re dying to know.

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