Sanssouci by Robin Joris Dullers

You’ve probably heard about ‘Robin Joris Dullers’ before, especially if you are a common reader of ENFNTS TERRIBLES. We already used the photographer’s photos in our article about Beyoncé and Rihanna’s gig at Pukkelpop. But also in an exclusive backstage view at Paris Fashion week and more! We love his work and we’re more than happy to bring you something new from the talented photographer today. A Berlin hotspot, Sanssouci!

Robin Joris Dullers went for a trip to Berlin a few weeks ago. We were stunned by his images and decided to publish them in a few different articles. With each article representing a different area and hotspots of Berlin, shot by Robin Joris Dullers. You’ve already seen part 1  and part 2 of Robin Joris Dullers’ hotspots in Berlin. Here’s part 3 about the beautiful Sanssouci!


Just a one hour train ride away from Berlin, you can find palace Sanssouci. Often seen as the German version of Versailles, this palace has everything from temples to beautiful gardens. The palace was designed and built by Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff between 1745 and 1747 for King Frederick. The king wanted a private place to stay at, so why shouldn’t he build a huge palace to chill in?

The name Sanssouci comes from two French words ‘sans souci’, which means ‘without concerns’. The style of the palace is typical Rococo, but is often called “Frederician Rococo” because of the amount of influence of personal style of Frederick that is in the design. This makes the place different from others and really worth spending some time at when you have a day left unplanned in Berlin. We also suggest you to just walk around in the gardens of the gigantic domain. It is really restful after spending some time in Berlin. The price for a ticket depends on some things like the season etc. but shouldn’t be more than 25 EURO.

Photo credits: Robin Joris Dullers.


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