Sarah Bahbah fool we twice instagram art series

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This Photographer Is Doing a Visual Photo Series Exhibition on Instagram

Palestinian-Australian photographer Sarah Bahbah is making our hearts melt with her new stunning Instagram photo series called ‘Fool Me Twice’. The 29-year-old takes us into the world of two young lovers played by Netflix’s Noah Centineo (‘To All The Boys I Loved Before’) and Alisha Boe (’13 Reasons Why’) who twist and turn in love looking for self-acceptance and personal growth. Throughout April, Bahbah will release photographs on her Instagram page as part of a visual, online photo series exhibition.

In 2016 Bahbah was named Instagrammer of the year by various media outlets. Her concept of Instagram-exhibition-like events is not new, she’s done it before with her art series after discovering the beauty of movie stills layered with subtitles. The episodic quasi-narrative style of each image allows Bahbah to create a series with images that can stand on their own as well. Her style is being called ‘ironically sensual’ as she captures heartbreak, abuse, pleasure, and empowerment.

Alisha Boe Noah Centineo fool me twice

The Anxious and The Avoidant

The story for Fool Me Twice roots in Bahbah’s own experiences with the complexity of love. The dynamic between the two characters is toxic and destructive and set up for failure. One character ignores all red flags and falls deeply, while the other person stays unattached. They are fools in love, fooled by each other.

In this story, Bahbah uses the attachment theory by psychoanalysts John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth. This theory states that we attach ourselves to people, romantically, later in life as we were taught by our parents or caregivers. It studies early human connections in general and how they shape our long-term relationships when we are older.

The unnamed characters take us deep into their feelings, actions, and hearts, but we still can’t figure out who is who. Bahbah tells via her Instagram that every line can be read how the reader wants to read it. There is a story that will unfold as the series continues, but Bahbah finds it important that her followers make it whatever they want to be, “I write based on my experiences and I hope that readers read it based on theirs.”

fool me twice art series on instagram

Somebody Call Netflix

Although the Instagram series only kicked off on April 1st, readers and watchers are hooked. Some Fool Me Twice fans have already begged to make this sexy story into a movie. Bahbah even posted a comment on her Instagram page with the simple caption, “Cc @Netlfix”. We cannot deny that Netflix stars Noah Centineo and Alisha Boe would make it an instant hit, but we like to see these gorgeous people do other artistic things as well.

‘Fool Me Twice’ can be followed via Sarah Bahbah’s Instagram from the comfort of your couch, bad, toilet, or wherever you spend your covid days. 

Photo Credits: Sarah Bahbah (supported by WePresent)

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