Sarob MC

Claudia Crovato

26 May

Sarob sounds nothing like your typical modern day MC

It is high time you all get to know the talented Sarob. It doesn’t happen quite often, but when a rapper pops up on the ET radar, you know it’s about to go down. In times where a lot of MC’s sound familiar, we feel like it’s our duty to share with you those who stand out. Over the past couple of years Sarob has been releasing some serious gems so prepare yourselves for the very best.


Food for thought

Sarob, born 23 years ago as Rob Tate, is nothing like your average modern day MC. The rapper, singer and (part-time) producer studied political science and philosophy. Besides creating top-notch music, he works in Ohio politics so that pretty much explains the engaged and socially aware verses we’re dealing with over here.


If Sarob’s witty lyricism isn’t enough to convince you, his silky voice will surely do.  So pure and soulful, it’s quite hard not to fall in love with the man. His soothing voice effortlessly blends rap and R&B over the mellow and lush beats he uses throughout his songs. An artist may deliver the best verses, but if the beats ain’t popping, then what’s the point after all? And we assure you, this guy knows what he’s doing.

Seeing in the dark EP

Now that we’re done hyping up all his lovely features, it’s time to get down to business and discuss his Seeing In The Dark EP. The project, released in 2017, counts six songs and is packed with beautiful, poetic verses.

The opening track, “Intro”, has nothing but a piano and some violins, but this minimal production was everything he needed to grab our attention. On “White Moon” he continues to feed our souls with a perfect mixture between down-tempo rap and neo-soul elements. “Bullseye/Relax”, the third track, sounds surprisingly different as the production is more up-tempo and electronic-like. Again, this just shows how Sarob is able to handle different genres and deliver on all of them.

Our personal favorite has to be track five, called “24 Hrs”. The jazzy instruments combined with Sarob’s softness are nothing but pure heaven.

Surprise, surprise: another project

As we were working to get this article online, Sarob decided to surprise us with another release. The man clearly has no time to waste and we don’t mind some more Sarob at all. Transitions: Phase I released on May 21 and features two brand new songs plus a remix of “White Moon”.

We’re going to let the music speak for itself because no more words are needed to realize this guy is definitely one to keep an eye on.


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