1 Dec

Say Yes to Faux Fur

Thumbs op for Pamela Anderson this week. One of our favorite 90’s icons personally sent a faux fur coat to Kim Kardashian, hoping it would convince her to stop wearing the real thing. We totally get why certain tribes in the Northern hemisphere still cover themselves up with animal skins to stay warm. What would you do if you’d be an eskimo? But someone will have to explain us why you need to wear fur when living in Los Angeles… The place where it’s basically never cold.

Kim, if Gucci can do it… so can you!


The real faux fur

While browsing the world wide web for pretty faux fur, we had a hard time distinguishing fake from real. Honestly… times have changed and because your coat didn’t used to be a living creature, doesn’t mean it looks like plastic. That era has officially passed. The look & feel, texture,… there are basically no more differences. So in times of global warming and with a perfect alternative within reach, why should innocent animals still be killed? Why should they still be tortured just so we could look “good”?

In case you didn’t get the message

We consider you just watch the video…

And have a look at the pictures underneath that clearly prove that faux fur is the perfect solution for you. Unless you hate animals and you’ve no empathy or heart. Than you’re just a cruel person that clearly needs therapy.

Photo credits: Pinterest

Faux Fur
Faux Fur Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten faux fur coat

Faux Fur

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Faux Fur

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