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Gladys Ferro

29 Aug

Sevdaliza’s Album ‘Shabrang’ Is an Ode to Love Through (Y)Our Darkest Days

The Iranian-Dutch songstress known as Sevdaliza is releasing her sophomore album ‘Shabrang’. Named after the night-colored horse featured in ancient Persian mythology, Sevdaliza narrates her story through some of her darkest days. And since we’re all trying to navigate through this madness called 2020, we could use some eerie synths and whispered melodies to guide us back to (self)love.

Written after years of emotional turbulence, Sevdaliza delivers a second studio album that embarks on a mythical journey of self-healing. Just like an ancient epos, you’re witnessing her quest for love and life. “Evil personified” she sings on opening track “Joanna” guided by dramatic yet delicate strings.

The genre-breaking album is co-produced by long-time collaborator Mucky and evolves from her signature trip-hop to more avant-garde tracks filled with piano riffs. From the R&B-flavored sadness on “Shabrang” to the full-on Farsi ballad “Gole Bi Goldoon”, it’s a very raw look into Sevdaliza’s pain and process.

oh my god

The 15-track masterpiece flows beautifully through all the shades of your darkest nights, but somehow the vocals, even though raw and unfiltered, feel very familiar and smooth. Somehow, somewhere there is a sense of hope that there is a way out, even though it’s a process. Like all the colors your bruises have to go through while healing. Even though you can still feel the pain and the trauma without touching them. Feeling your way through it all may be an exhausting exercise, but it’s an exercise in grounding yourself amidst the chaos of it all. And with Sevdaliza as a teacher, it also becomes an exercise in love, to remind ourselves that you may never forget about love.

Sevdaliza has lined up a special concert performance at The Royal Theatre in The Hague in the Netherlands. The August 31st show will be live-streamed globally and this will be her only live set of 2020. Find more information on her official website.

Sevdaliza’s new album ‘Shabrang’ is out now worldwide.

Photos by Tre Koch

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