1 Feb

Should Paris Hilton Hire Kim & Kanye as Her Stylists?

In the beginning of December it was revealed that Kim’s paparazzi-style Instagram pictures weren’t random photos but the Yeezy Season 6 lookbook. As a gentle reminder, they did a do-over of these shots with the Clermont twins and Paris Hilton, all dressed up as Kimberley herself.

A bygone era

When we saw Paris Hilton’s pictures passing by on Kim’s account we honestly had to blink twice. Congrats to the make-up artist and hair stylist because the resemblance is shocking. Paris Hilton is usually associated with hotels, a bygone era, little fluffy dogs and an overdose of pink. You’d think she’d evolve while growing older but that clearly didn’t happen until the Yeezy pictures appeared. Who’d ever thought that Paris Hilton could look stylish? If we were her we’d have a serious talk with Kim, Kanye and most importantly Carine Roitfeld to work their magic. If Barbie can change with the times, so can she.

Photo credits: @kimkardashian, @parishilton

Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian Yeezy Season 6

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