Welcoming Sidestep: Dennis Van Peel, Kevin Kofii and Anton Fayle Share Antwerp Hot Spots

Sidestep is opening its first store in Belgium. On July 16th, the sneaker store will open its doors on Antwerp’s busiest shopping street: Meir. Since Sidestep is big on style and creativity, we asked six Antwerp-based creatives to share some of their hot spots with us, you know, just to make Sidestep feel welcome in A-town! In this article, you will get to know three of those creatives and their favorite spots to shop, eat, and drink.

For the opening of the store, ENFNTS TERRIBLES created a campaign featuring six Antwerp-based creatives. The images and videos of the campaign will not only be featured throughout the store and in an exclusive print magazine, but also in more than 70 stores across The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. So keep your eyes open, because you might spot our work in your local Sidestep store!

Today, we’re introducing you to menswear influencer and creative entrepreneur Dennis Van Peel, DJ Kevin Kofii, and photographer Anton Fayle, who also photographed this campaign.

Dennis is wearing the adidas Stan Smith

Dennis Van Peel

Tell us a little bit more about yourself and how you got started!

I started posting menswear content on my Instagram page while I was studying Applied Economic Sciences at university. It started doing well, so now I collaborate on fashion content with lots of brands. About three years ago, I couldn’t find the exact accessories I was looking for, so I co-founded Tawo Antwerp. We specialize in silver jewelry for men. When the pandemic hit, I tried TikTok, and now I love posting there too. I also started baking cinnamon rolls during lockdown, and that’s become my latest project: Have A Roll. We started a temporary pop-up, but we just signed on to stay at our location at Oudaan until early 2022.

What’s your affinity with sneakers?

I like that they go with pretty much anything. I wear lots of sneakers but not one specific model. I like my shoes to compliment the rest of my outfit and not the other way around, so I usually go for a good basic. My favorite brands are Reebok, adidas, and New Balance.

What are your favorite places to shop in Antwerp?

When I’m thrifting for clothes, I usually go to Think Twice and Melting Pot. For new clothes, I love Arket. Furniture shopping is also a lot of fun. The Kloosterstraat remains a great place for that, especially this one shop called Christiaensen & Christiaensen.

What are your favorite restaurants and bars in Antwerp?

For lunch or coffee, you’ll find me at Hotel Pilar, Tinsel, and Nordica. For dinner, I’m a fan of Mission Masala and this great vegan restaurant called Wild Project. I live in Borgerhout, so my local faves are Bar Bakeliet and Bar Chapel, which is a summer bar.

Kevin is wearing Nike Air Force 1

Kevin Kofii

Tell us a little bit more about yourself!

I studied marketing and was a passionate dancer with a crew back in the day. Friends of mine hosted club nights called VIVID at Club Publik. That’s how I rolled into deejaying, and now it’s what I do! I also host Koffi Pauze Radio on SoundCloud and host my own parties called Koffi Pauze and SHE. The latter I host with three other DJs from Antwerp.

Are you a sneakerhead?

I’m into sneakers, of course, but I’m not a super knowledgeable sneakerhead. I know the difference between a basic Air Force 1 and a limited edition, though. (laughs) I love traveling to a random place and seeing someone with dope sneakers: it immediately brings a connection.

What are your favorite places to shop in Antwerp?

Anywhere where there’s vintage: I like going for treasure hunts. For clean basics, I go to COS. The coolest place in town is Labi & Funk. It’s a hair salon but also a little record shop with a great selection, ran by DJ/artist DTM Funk and hairdresser Labi. I love the vibe there.

What are your favorite restaurants and bars in Antwerp?

Loa has the best streetfood. I like eating my Loa order either on their terrace or at the square with a basketball court right in front of the restaurant. Or even better, at the quay near the river during sunset with good company. A hidden gem in the city is Jones & Co in the Pelgrimstraat, where I like going for cocktails.

Anton is wearing Reebok Club C 85

Anton Fayle

How did you get started as a photographer?

I’m a photographer—I mostly work analog. I consciously chose not to study photography at school since I like figuring out everything by myself. I started when I was about 15. One day, I randomly found a bunch of my dad’s analog cameras and that’s how the ball started rolling. Through lots of trial and error, I taught myself the craft. I love exploring things in my own timeframe.

Why do sneakers speak to you?

I mostly wear sneakers, so let’s start there. (laughs) I love the evolution they’ve gone through over the years. Now, it’s not just a sports shoe anymore but a real fashion staple. You can have your daily comfort, in line with your personal style, and then go for a long walk or a run without having to change your shoes. It just works, doesn’t it?

What are your favorite places to shop in Antwerp?

I’m big on designer vintage, so I like going to places like ROsier 41 and Vrijdagmarkt6. I frequent Labels Inc. in the Nationalestraat from time to time as well.

What are your favorite restaurants and bars in the city?

During the height of the pandemic, when everything was in lockdown, I started a takeout discovery journey. I chose to broaden my horizons and start ordering from places I didn’t know before. That’s how I got to know this amazing Tibetan restaurant called Kunthun. It’s run by the loveliest family whose kids are always walking around the place. They have the best food.

I don’t really have a favorite bar: I’m a morning person, not a night person. A really good coffee bar is the brand-new Rush Rush. My friend Nanigui runs it, and it’s the best caffeine kick in town, and they also have great food.

The ambassadors in this campaign don’t just look good, they will also each do something special during the first few opening weeks of the Sidestep store. On July the 16th and 17th, you’ll be able to get free cinnamon rolls by Have A Roll. On the 17th of July, you can shop on the tunes of a live dj set by Kevin Kofii. If you’re into nail art, you should definitely consider passing by the Sidestep store on the 24th, because Gladys Ferro will be doing some sneaker inspired nail art. On the 31st of July, stylist Farah El Bastani will be teaching everyone how to customize their sneakers with bling. And last but not least, on the 7th of August, Anton Fayle will take your personal sneaker headshot!

You can visit the brand new Sidestep store from July 16 on Meir 101. 

Photography by Anton Fayle
Art/creative direction and production by ENFNTS TERRIBLES Studio and Dries Vriesacker
Lights by Matias Batallé
Makeup by Gladys Ferro
Production assistant Isa De Boeck
Set assistant Seppe Buys and Astrid Goossens

Agency: Oona Agency

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