Maxim Meyer-Horn

3 Nov 2019

Singer Lolo Zouaï Talks About Her Roots, Music, Tommy Jeans and More

Lolo Zouaï is one of the hottest breakout stars of the year and graced stages all over the world. Her debut album ‘High Highs to Low Lows is R&B-pop perfection and sees her sing in English and French. Lolo is currently touring Europe to present the album and Tommy Jeans invited her to perform at the one-year anniversary of their Antwerp Store on November 7th. As we partnered up with Tommy Jeans for the party, we’re excited to introduce this superstar-to-be.

You have roots in Algeria, were born in France and live in America. In what way did this inspire you as an artist?

I think that before I was putting out music, I was always thinking about what my purpose is and what I was trying to say. Every artist has a purpose, a story and something interesting to say. I realized that my thing was embracing the three cultures I’m from and putting that into my music. I was never afraid of putting different languages in my songs. I’ve written songs in English my whole life, so I started to put different languages in my songs and that’s how I think I found my sound. I don’t want it to define me necessarily, but I definitely think it’s shaping my fanbase. My fanbase is from all over the world.

You sing in both French and English. Do you think that this allows you to connect with even more people?

Yeah, definitely! French is an important language around the world and English of course too. When I started singing in both languages, I wasn’t intentionally trying to reach a bigger audience. Actually, I didn’t even think that France would accept me, because I felt like I was just throwing in some French here and there. With for example “Beaucoup”, I was afraid that it wasn’t well-written because it was the first time I wrote a song in French.

Your debut album was released earlier this year. What has changed since then for you?

I became busier! Now I put out my first album, I feel like I did my introduction and now I’m thinking about growing as an artist already. I wrote my songs a while ago, so I saw myself growing pretty fast and now I have a lot of new fans.

Will your second album sound similar to your debut or will it be totally different?

I’m not even sure yet, but I have a lot of songs I’ve already started. I haven’t decided yet how they’re going to be. It’s probably going to be slightly different, because I don’t like to make the same thing twice. I love to experiment and will probably be experimenting a little bit more on the next record.

Do you consider yourself as a recording artist or a performer?

I think I’m both. For me, performing wasn’t always something I did as a child, like I could grow into it and I’m still learning. Recording as well, because when I was in a recording studio for the first time five years ago, I was so nervous and my voice was shaky. I learn pretty fast, so I think I’m excited about growing and can’t wait for the next years.

You have a great sense of fashion and definitely know how to rock the stage in a cool outfit. What do you like to wear the most when performing?

I like to wear a short tennis skirt with really big boots like Dr. Martens. I like to wear blazers and bodysuits on stage and love to show some leg while performing. This tour, I’m wearing a lot of jewelry and I became really good at doing my own makeup.

Why do you think that Tommy Jeans is a good match with your style?

When I was growing up in San Fransisco, I used to do a lot of thrift shopping. I still do it a lot, but whenever I saw a Tommy Jeans or Tommy Hilfiger thing, I would always buy it. The brand makes sense with my story and it’s a very classic brand that has worked with so many big artists over the years. Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah,… and they’ve done a lot with hip hop. I just really love working with them.

If you could design a full collection yourself, how would it look like?

I definitely want to make my own sports-inspired jacket and of course some tennis skirts. Further, maybe some leather boots or fake leather boots and oversized T-shirts. Some cute shit.

What kind of projects do you want to do in the future?

I thought about doing something with makeup or clothing. I think once you’ve entered the entertainment world, there are so many opportunities that present themselves and you never really know. My main focus stays music, but I’ll never know where it will take me.

Lolo Zouaï is performing at the Botanique in Brussels on the 11th of November. We are giving away four duo-tickets to that show on our Instagram, so make sure to check it out!

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