5 Sep

Skepta Talks About His Inspiration Behind The Nike Air Max 97 Sk Collaboration

On the 2nd of September, Nike dropped a new version of its Air Max 97 in collaboration with Skepta. The British-Nigerian artist redesigned the sneakers and added some things he loves. In the video, exclusively released to us by Nike, the artist tells us more about his inspiration behind the redesigns.


The Nike Air Max 97 Sk  is inspired by Skepta’s love for Nike Air and his home-away-from-London, Morocco. A trip to Essaouira, a coastal city frequented by rockstars during the ‘60s, provided further colors, sounds and stories that would shape the Air Max 97 Sk collaboration.

I found Morocco, and it was perfect. Everything I wanted to feel about peace, I found it there. I like the architecture, the pastel colors, the taxis, the way that you could just go into a small little souq, open a door and it brings you into a big, massive, beautiful new world that you never would have expected.

The style reminded me of Nigeria — the way people wear such casual and practical clothing. The embroidery on the clothing makes it royal to me. They look like kings and queens, princes and princesses. I wanted to introduce embroidery to the streets, a place where people don’t feel entitled to certain things; I wanted to make us feel good, really.”

Watch the full video of Skepta about his Nike Air Max collaboration. Discover more videos on our YouTube channel.

Photo credits: Nike



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