26 Aug

Slides You Can Actually Wear Without Looking like Kanye

It’s not that we hate Kanye, but ‘WHAT ARE THOOOSE’ was our first reaction to the slides he wore to the wedding of 2Chainz. Apart from the fact it’s far from his best Yeezy design, they were way too small and combined with an unironed suit. We’re not the fashion police, but to prevent you from making the same mistake we’ve listed up some of our favourite slides on the market.

Although slide season is almost over, the trend isn’t. You just cannot not own a pair of them this year. From streetwear to high end, almost every brand hopped on the train of slides and sandal look-a-likes. So did Yeezy, but let’s not talk about them anymore. The bigger the market, the harder the search for the goods. So we’ve searched for you and listed them up. From classic Gucci flipflops to Suicoke’s Moto’s, here’s your guide for slide shopping.

A list of shoppable links is on the bottom of this article.

Rick Owens x Birckenstock "Arizona"

Yeezy Slides

Y-3 Adilette

Yeezy Slides

Maison Margiela 22 Nylon Future Slide

Yeezy Slide

Puma x Big Sean Leadcat

Yeezy Slides

Suicoke Moto Black

Yeezy Slide

Off White Stripe Slides

Slides Yeezy

Prada Tech Slides

Yves Saint Laurent Leather Slides

Yeezy Slides
Yeezy SLides

Vans Checkerboard Slides

Yeezy Slides

Fendi Logo Slides


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