Sofacompany: Don’t Underestimate the Danish When It Comes to Design

Decorating is one of the most fun things to do. However, it might also be stressful and extremely time-consuming. Definitely when it comes to the more exceptional purchases such as a couch. On top, we’re perfectionists so it might take a while before we make an actual decision. Our ideal sofa has to be both trendy but not too trendy, functional and of course comfortable. Also, we don’t want to spend an enormous amount of money. When the above mentioned “symptoms” sound familiar, we suggest you have a look at Danish design brand Sofacompany. If there’s one (of the many) things the Scandinavians are good at it must be design.


Sofacompany was launched by Cathrine and Christian Rudolph to give the Danish furniture industry a little boost. What they wanted to offer was beautiful, qualitative design items for a reasonable price. The collections are created by different designers, all having their own style. Some have been in the business for quite a while but also young creatives get the chance to show their talent. Even customers can create their own couch. You can customize several of their existing designs to your own interior and taste.


All products are made in the company’s own specialized factory in Vietnam. The fact that there are no intermediaries involved, explains the reasonable prices. It also makes it a lot easier to control the entire production cycle.

Sofacompany doesn’t only contribute to the Vietnamese employment. They also make sure that the employees are well-trained and taken care of. Teambuildings are organized regularly and local charities supported. As a customer, you won’t have to worry about exploitation and horrible working conditions. Which, in the era we live in, is kind of a relief.


Personal favorites

If you’re looking for something small to give a certain space an extra boost, Flynn (header image) and Erwin (third picture) are perfect. Flynn totally responds to the actual velvet, cozy retro trend. Just add a carpet, some plants, a marble side table and you have a very Instagram-worthy sitting area. Erwin is a bit cleaner and more like an allround couch to chill in.

When you have a bit more space and you like to cuddle up to your partner while watching the latest season of Game of Thrones. We suggest you have a look at Vilmar (second picture). It’s the ideal combination of clean and cozy.

Our final favorite is Hilda, a daybed that can be turned into a couch. Very practical when you live in a small apartment and you have people staying over. It can easily be transformed from a couch to a bench to an actual bed.

Photo credits: Sofacompany


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