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27 Dec
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Spanish Girl Power to Watch: Las Chicas Del Cable

That women came a long way, proves Spanish tv series Las Chicas del Cable. This period drama just hit its second season on Netflix is all about girl power. It’s set in Madrid in the 1920’s and tells the story of four young women who’s lives completely change when they start working for a big telecommunications company. Together they stand strong against inequality, love troubles and abuse. Out of all the difficulties Lidia, Angeles, Marga and Carlota have to cope with, grows a strong friendship.

Girl power avant la lettre

2017 will go down in history as the year women once again hit the streets to fight for equality after Trump became president. As the year some powerful men were exposed as lecherous beasts who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. 2017 was all about #metoo, for some a serious matter and to others a joke.

Las Chicas del Cable takes place a century ago and proves that women’s rights do have evolved. At that specific time period, women were in a lot of ways dependent on their husbands or families and not even allowed to vote. But change was in the air. More and more women started to step up their game and create a life of their own, obviously not without obstacles. The series is full of topics that are still relevant and the four female protagonists (literally) had to fight for their rights.

Las Chicas del Cable

Why watch?

First of all, in an ocean of English spoken series, Las Chicas del Cable feels like going on a summer holiday through time. Some people like to watch tv in their mother language, we see it as an asset to learn a few new words.

Even though the storyline might not be 100% historically correct, it’s interesting to see how things have evolved for women. And the leading female characters deliver the message with dedication.

It wouldn’t be a period drama without the usual romantic intrigues and passionate love scenes. The directors definitely didn’t avoid the sexuality topic.

Las Chicas del Cable is perfect to end the year in a relaxing and relevant way. Put your Christmas movies obsession on hold and hurry to Netflix.

Photo credits: Las Chicas del Cable

Las Chicas del Cable

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