How to survive the post holidays blues


How to survive the post holiday blues

So you just went on vacation… Energy level on point again, a little tan, met some nice people, didn’t do anything for a week or two. Totally recharged you arrive home and the first five minutes everything is ok. But when you least expect it the post holiday blues hits you in the face. You realize you will never see your new friends again, you hate doing post-vacation laundry and your glow you worked so hard on will probably last for one week. And that’s not even the worst thing, you also have to continue your daily routine that all of a sudden seems to be boring as hell!

But no worries, we know how you feel… Been there done that quite some times in our lives so we’re here to help you through the post holiday blues with a handful of practical tips.

Post holiday blues tips

1. Empty your suitcase right away. Otherwise it keeps on reminding you on the wonderful time you had which will make you even more depressed.

2. Before you head back to work, take another day off. Stare at your pictures and just be a little nostalgic. Remember that when you see your colleagues again, they will probably be tired and don’t want to listen to your stories all day.

3. Make plans for your next holiday so you can look forward to something.

4. Go and buy an expensive body cream to take care of your tan.

5. Stay in contact with you new local friends for at least one week and share some funny memories. Maybe you can even stay friends for life, who knows!

6. Forget about the quote we just mentioned.

If you are really really desperate and you thought these tips were crap, you can always send us an e-mail for personal advice! Our team of experts will be pleased to help you…

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How to survive the post holidays blues

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