4 May

Sylvie Kreusch Releases Intriguing Video for ‘Please to Devon’

There aren’t many Belgian acts that have such an international presence as Sylvie Kreusch has. Starting her career as lead singer of the electropop group Soldier’s Heart, the now 27-year-old singer caught everyone’s attention when she became part of the incredibly popular project Warhaus.

Playing in sold-out clubs and festival stages all across Europe, Kreusch impressed us – and the whole music scene – with her intimidating aura which is elegant and timeless. Prada and Ann Demeulemeester were so impressed by Warhaus and Sylvie that they collaborated with them, which was no surprise. For a year now, the Antwerp singer has been going her own way and we totally love the direction she’s taking. Labelled by herself as voodoo-pop, her sound is eclectic, interesting and inspiring in every aspect.

Please To Devon

In January we got “Please To Devon”, which is only her second single, but it already proved that her future looks bright. Now, we finally get the music video of “Please To Devon”. Director of the four-minute-long piece of art is Lukas Dhont, who rose to fame because of his emotional movie Girl. Winning awards and hearts all over the world, there couldn’t be anyone better to direct Sylvie’s first music video.

That these masterminds would be a good match, was something we felt coming, but the result is still exciting and dark, just like we imagined it. Slightly weird, but magical and elegant at the same time. Get comfortable and enjoy these four minutes of visual poetry.

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