12 Mar

Talking Diversity & Customers: On That New MDMflow Foundation

This week was marked by International Women’s Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate strong, inspiring women every day of the year. Florence “Flow” Adepoju is the boss lady behind the UK based beauty brand MDMflow. We already knew this brand from its ultra-pigmented lipsticks in crazy colors, but now Flow is ready to take it to the next level. Foundation to match every skin tone with an affordable price and a comfortable formula. Sounds too good to be true? Well, Flow is making it happen!

Involving the customer, the key to success

With this foundation, MDMflow is taking a not-so-standard route. Normally, a brand will tease a foundation a couple of times and then launch it, end of story. Not with this one.

MDMflow actually put up a funding page for her upcoming foundation. Fans & customers can back the campaign, back the foundation and give their honest feedback. Here’s how it works; when you back ten pounds, you get a foundation sample kit sent to your doorstep. That way, you can color match yourself. After that, you get your specific shade of foundation in a full size bottle once it launches.

When we asked Flow why this whole “involving customers” thing was important to her, she said: “Traditionally in the beauty industry, a product is put out and customers are just told that they need it and that it is the best. But too often, there is a lot of disappointment when a new launch happens. Customers get all excited, only to realize upon the launch that their shade is not in the range. Asking the customer what they want and catering to their wishes is very important to me.  I really wanted to change things up.”

With the campaign, Flow is also able to create a lot more hype and anticipation around this new product. And while, yes, this is a preorder, as a customer you get the feeling that you are actually a part of the process and that’s always a win.

MDMFlow foundation
MDMFlow foundation

Changing the definition of luxury

If you ask Flow to come up with three words to describe her beauty brand, she uses “bold”, “affordable” and “luxury”. Wait, affordable and luxury? Aren’t those two words contradicting each other? Not according to Flow: “I think the definition of luxury is changing, specifically in the beauty industry. Luxury is no longer just having an expensive price tag, it’s about getting the best quality and have a positive experience.”

The foundation will have buildable coverage and retail for ten pounds, which is extremely affordable. That was important to Flow, because diversity for her goes deeper than shade range. True diversity is making sure that a product is available to everyone, without breaking the bank.

However, Flow didn’t want to compromise on the luxury aspect either. That’s why the serum-based foundation will be enriched with skin perfecting active ingredients like vitamine C and hyaluronic acid. On a personal note, Flow adds: “I want my teenage cousins to use a foundation that they can afford AND is good for their skin.”

The diverse way is the only way

MDMflow and their ultra-diverse foundation show once again that diversity is the only way to go when it comes to beauty and make-up. If you can’t make your products inclusive, you best don’t come out with them at all. It’s 2018, our standards are higher and we won’t take no for an answer. Flow shows us that it is possible, even as a smaller indie brand, to cater to everyone, without compromising quality. The future is female, the future is diverse! Get into it.

If you want to try the foundation for yourself, you can back the campaign here. There are several other rewards according to how much you want to pledge, like bundles with foundation and lipsticks and even a lifetime worth of MDMflow make-up. Definitely worth checking out!

Photo credits: MDMflow

MDMFlow foundation

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