Hairstory New Wash


15 Jun 2018

Tested: Hairstory’s Revolutionary New Wash Range

Our first reaction when hearing about New Wash was “another shampoo???”. Hasn’t this world got enough hair products already? Heading to the drug store in order to buy a new shampoo, just the thought of it leaves us overwhelmed. This may sound a little dramatic, but you can’t blame us for being honest.

Anyways, for some reason, New Wash caught our attention. Was it the name or the well-designed packaging, we’re not entirely sure. Our subconsciousness led us to the white bottle with the orange typo and convinced us that this was the product our hair desperately needed.

Hairstory New Wash

A story about hair

Out of frustration always grow the best ideas, that was basically the start of Hairstory. Eli Halliwell, who ran Bumble and Bumble for many years, felt a serious lack of progress in the hair products business. On a daily base, something new was launched, but it was never truly innovative. That’s why he brought a group of former Bumble and Bumble employees together to rethink everything that involved hair products. At the top of their list was coming up with a new way to wash hair. Hairstory was born.

New what?

A shampoo and conditioner-in-one that’s 100% detergent-free and uses only a mix of essential oils and natural cleaning materials, that’s New Wash. There are three different products, depending on your hair story. Find out whether you should use the original, New Wash Deep or Rich via a few simple questions on the Hairstory website.

We put ourselves to the test

When opening the New Wash Deep bottle, recommended to us after filling in the questionnaire, we found out that it doesn’t look like an actual shampoo but rather like a cream. After washing our hair for years with products that have more or less the same texture, this felt a bit odd. For a fraction of a second we just wanted to grab that good old shampoo but we didn’t. Instead, we started reading the instruction manual in order not to mess up our first encounter. So wetting the hair as usual, adding the Deep Wash and rubbing it in (like really rubbing it in). We waited for a few minutes and then we rinsed until the product was gone. It still felt like we had tons of conditioner in our hair, but we decided not to form an opinion till the final result.

Slightly worried, we decided to use a bit of the hair balm before blow-drying. Unlike when you wash your hair with 99,99% of the products out there, it still felt a bit greasy. However, this feeling miraculously disappeared while blow-drying our hair. When we were ready it seemed like there was more volume and also the dehydrated effect was gone. On top of that, detangling our hair became a lot easier and it just looked healthier.

We’ve been using New Wash for a little while now and even though it took a moment to adjust, it feels like our hair is happy that we discovered these products. If you want to find it out for yourself, please visit

Photo credits: Hairstory, @laviedefawn

Hairstory New Wash
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