Diane Theunissen

26 Feb 2021

The 10 Best New Songs to Listen to

Longing to discover new tunes to stream whilst enjoying the sun this weekend? We’ve got you covered. After meticulous curation, we’ve selected la creme de la creme of this week’s music releases. Jazzy chord progressions and sun-kissed aesthetics are on the menu, amongst some electro beats that will make you want to dance like nobody’s watching. As usual, all the tracks are available to stream on our Spotify playlist, make sure to give it follow if you haven’t yet!

1. Aleyna Tilki – Retrograde

There are only a few Turkish pop stars with international hits, but Warner Music put all their trust into Aleyna Tilki. The 20 years old singer started her career at the age of fourteen and quickly established herself within the music industry in her home country. Now it’s time to conquer the rest of the world.

Her international debut “Retrograde” is her first song in English and was originally a song Dua Lipa wrote with her team for Future Nostalgia. With her great pop vocals and the atypical song structure, this might be her international breakthrough. All eyes on Aleyna Tilki, because she’s the next pop girl in line to become a superstar.

2. Cariss Auburn – Daydream

UK’s new darling has a name and it’s Cariss Auburn. After trying to break through for some years, the singer reinvented herself over the last years and finally starts to get the recognition she deserves. Her latest single “Float” became her biggest success so far and there’s already more coming our way.

“Daydream” is an enchanting dream pop single, where we get an insight in her thought world. It’s a little bit more accessible compared to “Float”, which means that it gets stuck even quicker in our head. “Daydream” is already the second amazing single of her upcoming EP Refraction, which is set for a release in April.

3. Sizzy Rocket – AMERICAN RAGE

As much as we like soft and dreamy pop, there’s a special place in our hearts for pop-punk. American whirlwind Sizzy Rocket made one of our favorite records last year and continues on the momentum of ANARCHY by dropping two more songs that keep us excited about her latest album.

Sizzy Rocket is a badass pop act and used her glorifying songwriting-skills to make a punching song like “AMERICAN RAGE”. It’s definitely loud and powerful, but it’s well balanced and never feels like it’s too much. “The World is Burning”, the B-side of this release, takes down the tempo, which makes it another strong statement by this incredible artist.

4. Greentea Peng – Nah It Ain’t The Same

Blending jazz inflections and hip-hop rhythms with her signature sage vocals, rising star Greetea Pig has proven to master the skill of combination. Her latest single “Nah It Ain’t The Same” was released a couple of days back, cementing her status as one of the most exciting new artists in the UK whilst setting the tone of her upcoming debut album.

With “Nah It Ain’t The Same”, Greentea Peng delivers a fresh and evocative artifact and invites her audience into her singular environment. The music video that accompanies the track is a must-watch too, beautifully portraying the South London artist dealing with her daily routine. Trust us, this is as hood as her COLORS performance.

5. Luke Gomm – Red Flashing Lights

When he’s not producing songs for the likes of Joy Crookes, Miraa May, and Connie Constance, London-based Luke Gomm spends time bringing his musical story to life and recording his own stuff. And it’s definitely worth the ride: his songs are playful and groovy as hell, characterized by a blend of electro, funk, and everything in between.

Featuring bass player Darryl Dodoo, the track serves as an ode to pushing boundaries and represents the cheeky feeling of knowingly defying a warning sign. The song will be included in Luke’s forthcoming EP “Summer’s Blue”, and sets the tone of the artist’s singular sound. One thing’s for certain, we can’t wait to check out what he’ll bring next.

6. Baby Queen – These Drugs

Baby Queen started 2021 like she ended 2020: with a bang. After the release of her debut EP Medicine, she immediately started to release new music. Last month she made her ‘comeback’ with the eastonishing single “Raw Thoughts”, which is now accompanied by the new “These Drugs”.

Just like in her previous work, Baby Queen stands out in her lyrics. On her newest single, she talks about drugs but not in the same way everybody looks at it. Just look at lyrics as ‘It’s a band-aid on a broken arm’ or ‘It’s louder than a cry for help’ and you know what we’re talking about.

7. Latanya Alberto – Royal (Recall)

After she made her COLORS debut with the brilliant “Red Flags”, the rising Dutch artist Lanatya Alberto invites us into her R&B-tainted, Neo-soul-powered universe with “Royal (Recall)”, which was released early this morning.

Written by the artist herself, the track touches on historical traumas and the effect they have on love years later. Characterized by Lanatya’s crystal-clear voice and jazzy chord progressions, the single will appear on the artist’s forthcoming EP, which we are already dying to discover. Keep your eyes peeled, looks like something beautiful is coming soon!

8. Coline & Toitoine – OAEOA

There’s a new Belgian duo to be proud of because Coline & Toitoine are doing everything right with their music and are set for a big year. With an EP coming out somewhere this Spring, the young act wants to prove their potential by showing as much of their talent.

The lightness of the new single “OAEOA” is mesmerizing and gives you the feeling that you’re transcending to another world. The dreaminess in the production and the gentle vocal productions attract your attention in a subtle but effective way. These two will make it far, that’s for sure.

9. Mondingo – Starlight

Domien Cnockaert is a brilliant musician that already joined many acts on stage, but he’s also a gifted producer and uses all his creativity to work on his solo project Mondingo. His tropical electro-pop is a fusion of different influences and is a true invitation to storm the dancefloor with your best moves.

It’s been a while since he released his last track, but “Starlight” was worth the wait. The beats don’t miss their effect and are incredibly infectious, which makes this song probably one of his most catchy releases so far. “Starlight” aims for the stars and shines a light on his talent as a multi-instumentalist and songwriter.

10. november ultra – miel

At the end of last year, November Ultra took the indie-pop scene by storm with her debut single, the striking “Soft & Tender”. A few months later, the French artist returned with the poetic “Miel”, a second single that undeniably confirms her talent as a writer and musician, and shows her ability to blend emotional honesty with strong convictions.

This week, the artist unveils the track’s music video, which has totally met our high expectations: shot in Super 8 in a mind-blowing 60s aesthetics, the film casually portrays the artist in several circumstances whilst conveying important messages of acceptance. A must-watch that does great justice to her playful yet subtle sound.

Co-written by Maxim Meyer-Horn and Lucas Palmans.

Pictures of Cariss Auburn by Precious Brooks.

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