Maxim Meyer-Horn

29 Oct

The 10 Best Releases of the Week

We’ve entered the last few months of the year, which usually means that many artists want to release new music to introduce a new album or get ready for a new tour. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us to guide you through the extensive amount of releases. So turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week that deserve a spot on your Spotify playlist.

1. Rihanna — Lift Me Up

Rihanna is finally back! Her comeback single “Lift Me Up” is the soundtrack for the new Black Panther film and was written as an ode to late actor Chadwick Boseman. Those expecting a real party song will be disappointed as “Lift Me Up” seeks much quieter places. The instrumentation is kept very small and intimate, with a distinctive guitar riff and very subtle strings, leaving the focus more than ever on Rihanna’s voice. Her voice is able to unfold like we have never heard her before, which ensures that the song’s purity is engaging. An absolutely unexpected sound for Rihanna, but totally worth the risk.

2. Golin — Rowdy

For anyone in the mood for a good rave, we can only recommend “Rowdy” by Golin. Indeed, the song contains all the elements we look for in a good hyperpop song in 2022. Exciting beats ripping us out of our seats, distorted vocal effects putting us in a trance, and above all, fun futuristic melodies. “Rowdy” may sound very experimental at first, but there is also an accessible nature to the song that makes us not have to understand the Japanese lyrics to fall in love with the song. Golin is the next hyperpop talent to follow closely.

3. Rachel Chinouriri — I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Trying)

“I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Trying)” by Rachel Chinouriri is the kind of song we can just put on repeat without getting tired of it. As usual, the hook of this single is again an absolute bonus, as the chorus completely sticks after the briefest of moments. There is a real cheerfulness and passion in her music, which also comes out well this time. Rachel Chinouriri has found herself as an artist and knows where her strengths lie. “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Trying)” is the perfect example of that.

4. Valencia Grace — What A Shame

There is something magical in the air every time we listen to Valencia Grace’s music, as “What A Shame” again comes in very well. The singer opts for acoustic instruments again this time, giving the song a rock-solid fragility that only gets more beautiful thanks to her very recognizable voice. “What A Shame” strikes a sensitive chord but is anything but corny. Valencia Grace once again finds a perfect balance between heartbreak and bleeding-heart soul pop.

5. Mondingo — Makes Me Insane

“Make Me Insane” is a very melodic electro-pop song that possesses a hypnotic power and instantly transports you to another universe. The lyrics are kept very concise, so the focus is mainly on the interesting production that keeps building up. The melodies start off fairly dark and gradually break open to even more atmospheric beats. “Make Me Insane” is particularly melodic but does not reveal everything immediately on a first listen. Every time you put it on again, you hear new details that only make it better. We already love it.

6. Xondra — Inner Child

“Inner Child” is about being in the same situation with someone but eventually coming out of it with different perspectives. Initially, the song starts with a quiet build-up, after which it breaks open more and more, and instruments join it. The stanzas provide intimacy by coming across as much calmer, but it’s the choruses that pull us along with their indie rock energy. The song’s rawness makes “Inner Child” even more catchy, as it ensures that all the song’s emotions find their way to the listener.

7. RØNIN — Butterflies (Ready To Go)

A song or album leaking is an artist’s biggest nightmare, but it worked out quite well for RØNIN. After his new single “Butterflies (Ready To Go)” leaked and went viral, we finally get the official version of this absolute bop. The mix between hip-hop and pop with a little nightcore twist is so interesting and is exactly the kind of music we love to put on during these winter months. The night has a soundtrack again with “Butterflies (Ready To Go)”.

8. Izzy Bizu — Dumb

Izzy Bizu had some hits like “White Tiger” a few years ago, which made her an instant household name in Europe. With her new single “Dumb”, she could score another hit after all these years, as the chorus immediately sticks with us. Izzy Bizu has such a nice vibe in her music that we don’t hear often anymore, so we always look forward to new music from this cheerful Brit.

9. Comanavago — Crush

Are you ready to meet your new musical crush? Eccentric London duo Comanavago make electropop with their own twist, which is why their single “Crush” immediately caught our attention and got a spot at the top of our playlist. It has some ’80s influences due to the interesting vocal lines that push the song into a certain corner. “Crush” has something retro but also futuristic at the same time. Very pleasing!

10. Bavé — Show Me Love

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. At this time of year, we enjoy crawling under a blanket to look wistfully outside. Bavé provides an imaginary blanket to keep us warm with his new song “Show Me Love” and manages to convince us with warm instrumentation. It has something sensual and passionate without becoming corny. We really appreciate “Show Me Love”

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