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5 Nov

The 10 Best Releases of the Week

We’ve entered the last few months of the year, which usually means that many artists want to release new music to introduce a new album or get ready for a new tour. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us to guide you through the extensive amount of releases. So turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week that deserve a spot on your Spotify playlist.

1. Chloe George — Penny

On the pleasing “Penny”, we hear Chloe George from a more playful side and even hear a psychedelic influence in the pop song. For the song, the American singer collaborated with Rob Bisel, who has already worked with the likes of SZA and James Blake. Those influences can also be heard in “Penny”, although it is mainly her intriguing voice that makes the single so captivating. The singer wrote her first stanza when she was feeling lost and didn’t know what to do, however, we don’t hear that musically, as she has clearly found her sound. “Penny” is worth every penny; this is just a very strong performance from a rising pop star.

2. Kai Bosch — Title

The first songs of the British Kai Bosch sounded fairly calm and excelled because of their fragility, but on “Title” he takes a slightly different approach. The tempo is much faster, the production is flashier, and he himself dares to play with slightly more threatening melodies. During the first verse, we can still hear him building up, allowing him to release all brakes for a moment during the chorus to let the song break open into a real anthem. “Title” is an interesting new step in his musical evolution, abandoning the emotions of his first project to embrace a new euphoria.

3. Paige Bea — Autopilot

Alt-pop with a futuristic R&B twist: that’s the best way to sum up the exciting songs from the British Paige Bea. “Autopilot” is about a friend who helped her out of a bad relationship and briefly took over the wheel to guide her to better places. The chorus has a fine élan that flows nicely into the stanzas, giving the singer the necessary space to unfold her whole vision. “Autopilot” is the ideal soundtrack for a night drive on deserted roads.

4. Eden Hunter — You Don’t Have to Save the World

The British Eden Hunter is known for her chamois-sweet pop music and fully lives up to that status on “You Don’t Have to Save the World”. The song is a fine pop tune that is somewhat predictable but also has some surprising elements, such as the final bridge that changes the tempo for a while. Her crystal-clear voice does exactly what we expect from it and pulls open the stanzas a bit more, but it’s the choruses that we totally take into our hearts. “You Don’t Have to Save the World” shows that not every superheroine wears a cape, as Eden Hunter shines even without a superheroine suit.

5. Caroline Romano — Me After September

By now, it’s already November, but with “Me After September”, American singer-songwriter Romano wants to take another brief look back at the late summer month. The song is about a past relationship that she can’t let go of, making her prefer to stay in the carefree summer months. The alt-pop ballad has a very catchy character with a melancholic edge, making it quick to sing along with some nostalgic feelings to top it all off.

6. RIIKI REID — The City

Pop music that feels familiar but is also eccentric; that’s how we describe this new single from kiwi singer RIIKI REID. The verses of “The City” are fairly restrained, allowing the chorus and especially the beats to do their job well. In terms of production and atmosphere, we immediately think of Swedish pop star Tove Lo, who likewise plays with club-infused productions. “The City”, in other words, has become a very cool pop track that we will definitely spin a few more times.

7. sonayou — ella

She may have the most seductive smile, but on “ella” sonayou sharpens her knives. We’ve had to wait a while for new music from the Belgian singer, but her return can be described as triumphant. The quiet alt-pop track has a small R&B edge and is about kidnapping her girlfriend, giving the whole thing a mysterious edge. A very pleasant pop tune with a playful music video.

8. KUČKA — Not There

Our daily search for new music this week brought us to the English-born Australian producer KUČKA, who has collaborated with SOPHIE, Flume, and A$AP Rocky in the past. On her new single “Not There”, she plays to her full potential, and we get a dreamy, electronic ballad that grabs our attention with interesting sounds. We hear an awful lot of potential in “Not There” so give it a listen.

9. Tempest — Heathens

Los-Angeles-based artist Tempest is going to be your biggest temptation to resist today, as she has already totally taken us in with her flawless R&B. “Heathens” puts you on fire with an incredibly exciting production that gives her the chance to play with her genre and push the boundaries. About the song, she says: “‘Heathens’ is showing how quickly a situation can have you moving ‘unusual’. You start getting addicted to their ways.”

10. Alice Longyu Gao — MONK

With Chinese musical chameleon Alice Longyu Gao, you never know what to expect, but that also makes her a downright captivating artist who found fans in Lady Gaga and Alice Glass, among others. On “MONK”, she gives it a serious spin by showing up in a truly unique way and going for a crossover between punk, rock, and hyperpop. Rarely have we heard such a crushing song that really grabbed us. All hail to princess Alice Longyu Gao.

Picture by Dillion Howl

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