Maxim Meyer-Horn

11 Nov

The 10 Best Releases of the Week

We’ve entered the last few months of the year, which usually means that many artists want to release new music to introduce a new album or get ready for a new tour. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us to guide you through the extensive amount of releases. So turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week that deserve a spot on your Spotify playlist.

1. MEYY — Blush

“Blush” was created with the help of Belgian producer Pippin and London-based James Jacob, who collaborated on Little Simz’s phenomenal Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, among others. For the Belgian MEYY, the song is a reflection of all the feelings that come to mind when you have a crush on someone. We also hear the cuteness and quirkiness reflected in “Blush,” which makes us blush a little. We have butterflies in our stomachs because of this single.

2. Sega Bodega — Kepko

Anyone already familiar with Irish-Scottish Sega Bodega’s music will immediately fall in love with “Kepko,” which again is spot-on production-wise. The producer has a knack for making unfamiliar sounds sound familiar by experimenting with structures and tension arcs. “Kepko” has a rave influence, but at the same time, a hallucinating and engaging calmness. Sega Bodega stands out as a producer and artist, giving his incomparable album Romeo another unexpectedly beautiful finale.

3. Vendredi sur Mer — Tout m’ennuie

“Tout m’ennuie” was created during a studio session with the immensely popular French artist and producer Myd, who is also conquering the world with his witty productions, and her regular producer Saint DX. There is also such a wonderful nostalgia in this single that makes us want to do nothing more than just dance to this pleasing tune. The Swiss artist alternates between whispers and atmospheric vocal lines and effortlessly charms everyone. Despite the song being about frustrations, we are anything but frustrated about “Tout m’ennuie.” Feel good pop as it should be!

4. Maeve — Can we just get high?

On “Can We Just Get High?” London artist Maeve sounds more alternative again. The song has a lingering, haunting atmosphere that is only made more intense by the orchestral elements. We imagine ourselves in a seductive dream, dealing with the chaos in our head when we are in love, and we hear that in the production as well. “Can We Just Get High?” is a riveting track from an artist who is still raising her profile but can already be counted as an alt-pop princess to keep an eye on.

5. ASHWARYA — Best Friend

The Australian-Indian ASHWARYA is a pop artist of international stature, which you can hear on “Best Friend.” A slight R&B flair immediately spreads a good feeling from the first stanzas, which is only confirmed by the chorus. Her voice is front and center and has something airy about it, making you feel like you’re floating on a pink cloud for a moment. ASHWARYA’s new single “Best Friend” is effortless and only makes us want to follow her more closely from now on.

6. Andromedik and Luka — Lied To You

“Lied To You” is the kind of drum ‘n’ bass song that will please fans of the genre as well as pop fans, and where both Belgian artists can develop their full potential. Andromedik proves himself as a producer with an excellent sense of mysterious soundscapes, while Luka uses her voice in all its glory, hitting the notes flawlessly in both the highs and lows. Summer may be just behind us, but we have a feeling this single could do very well next festival summer. “Lied To You” is a flawless drum ‘n’ bass number with tremendous flair.

7. Kim Petras — If Jesus Was A Rockstar

“If Jesus Was A Rockstar” opens new doors for German-born Kim Petras and yet sounds a bit different from what we are used to from her. She moves away from the electronic influences in her music, opting this time for more acoustic elements. For example, she opens on a guitar melody, which we often hear in the bridge, and allows her vocal color to come through very well. “If Jesus Was A Rockstar” is a refreshing addition to her discography and shows that she is more than we have already heard from her. Kim Petras is quietly living it up.

8. Yunè Pinku — Fai Fighter

The half-Malaysian and half-Irish yunè pinku is the next producer and artist we’re loving right now. On her single “Fai Fighter,” she goes for dystopian electronic elements combined with very danceable pop elements that even remind us a bit of Madonna. We are obsessed with the atmosphere she creates on this single, as she shows with great ease why she is the new hype in the electronic world.


Fusing industrial, hyperpop, and deconstructed club into a haunting whole is the passion of Chinese-Scottish multi-talented LVRA, who, on “LOOK”, goes for a dark sound that shakes us to our very core. There’s something pouty in her voice, which contrasts nicely with her pulsating production. The dance floor of any underground rave is going to be roaring when “LOOK” comes on!

10. KRANKk and RabbaDance — Ça Fait Longtemps

We conclude our selection this week with homegrown talent. The Antwerp group KRANKk has collaborated with various artists more often in the past, but on “Ça Fait Longtemps” featuring RabbaDance, they seem to be at the height of their sound. We hear influences from garage, which work very well with RabbaDance’s French lyrics and flow. There is so much talent in Belgium, and this collaboration only highlights that.

Pictures by Michaël Smits

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