Maxim Meyer-Horn

18 Nov

The 10 Best Releases of the Week

We’ve entered the last few months of the year, which usually means that many artists want to release new music to introduce a new album or get ready for a new tour. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us to guide you through the extensive amount of releases. So turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week that deserve a spot on your Spotify playlist. By the way, this is not a top 10 because we all love them equally!

1. HYRA — Seventh Heaven

On “Seventh Heaven”, the American HYRA takes us to seventh pop heaven, and we immediately get flashbacks to the early years of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. The production is packed with synths and builds to a chorus where she opts for a catchy rhythm. No dance floor is safe from this single either, as the irresistible beats ensure that no one can stand still on “Seventh Heaven.” HYRA is the kind of pop artist who provides a breath of fresh air back when almost every radio hit sounds the same.

2. Maz — Maybe Love

On her second track “Maybe Love” Maz remains musically innovative, offering us several elements that we absolutely relish. The American artist gives alt-pop a new twist with unlikely ease and reveals herself as a nostalgic soul with a very good vision of the future. In this single, she addresses the lack of deep connections her contemporaries have today and the difficulty they have in perceiving the individuality of each person. We are particularly captivated by the musical slant and subject matter of “Maybe Love”, and it’s already making us clear out a spot on our playlist. The casualness of her vocal lines and engaging productions will put her in the right place.

3. Rebecca Black — Crumbs

It’s about time American Rebecca Black was taken seriously, because with “Crumbs,” she unloads a very strong pop track. There are some shreds of hyperpop, industrial, and nightcore in the song, yet it sounds accessible enough to reach more people than a few fans of niche pop. Especially at the end, we hear how she experiments a bit more with the sounds and beats in the outro, but unexpected electronics pass by in the rest of this single as well. “Crumbs” is the perfect proof that Rebecca Black is one of the most underrated artists within her genre because what she delivers here is of a high level.

4. Tkay Maidza — Nights in December

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer, which, of course, means that the Christmas season is upon us. The Zimbabwean-born Australian Tkay Maidza wrote her new single “Nights In December” during the winter months in New York, drawing inspiration from the feelings of a fledgling relationship. We get delicious synth lines, cool R&B vibes from the ’00s, and of course, a chorus that contains a nice catchiness. We’re not all that into Christmas songs, but with this single, Tkay Maidza captures our hearts, making us warm up to more new music from this forward-thinking singer.

5. Valencia Grace — Final Dance

British Valencia Grace’s latest single, “Final Dance”, had been on her set list for a while, making the official release of the song eagerly awaited. On it, the TikTok star stays true to her style and brings emotions to the forefront through the acoustic instruments. Valencia Grace simply does not need gigantic productions because “Final Dance” has to rely mainly on the intimate atmosphere she creates on the song. Safe to say that Valencia Grace is one of the artists to keep a close eye on in 2023.

6. Joya Mooi — Tears

Winter is upon us, which makes us appreciate and take heart in music that exudes a certain coziness even a tad more. “Tears” by South African-Dutch singer Joya Mooi is such a song and has a very laidback R&B vibe, spreading incredible warmth through its beautiful melody. The pleasant piano elements combined with yet another marvelous vocal production ensure that she once again manages to use her full power. So anyone still looking for a musical blanket to get through these short and chilly days, look no further than “Tears.”


In Belgium, the name SPACEBABYMADCHA is increasingly being mentioned when it comes to emerging talent to keep an eye on. On her new EP Cycles, we hear why the hype around the Belgian artist is so great because with the single “HM HM” she shows her full potential and seems to be able to follow in the footsteps of 070 Shake. There is a lightness in her music, which we greatly appreciate, and will be able to take her far. Another big step has been taken with Cycles and, more specifically, “HM HM”.

8. KYE — Clique

Zimbabwean-born but Australia-based KYE has already toured with artists such as Sampa The Great and has received praise from the major music press. On “Clique,” she wants to thank her crew, who bring out the best in her and that is also the case on this single. Her R&B is made for the dance floor and is inspired by greats like HER and Ella Mai. In our opinion, it won’t be too long before she is among that list of A-listers herself because she has the potential to break through very soon.

9. Wesley Joseph — MONSOON

British Wesley Joseph clearly wants to end this successful year in style because what he delivers with “MONSOON” is just pure world-class. Not only does the song capture our imagination, but especially the music video is an absolute must-watch with stunning shots. About the song itself, he says, “It’s a journey of liberation, and I found myself questioning and understanding my own feelings about the turbulence of life itself. ” We see and hear this regained freedom in “MONSOON” and are curious to see where it can lead next.

10. Araya and CLIP — Electro Devil

“Electro Devil” is the first taste of this new era of Araya’s artistry, which is always intentional in every way. The NYC-based artist loves to play with genres and once again brings a successful mix between electronic, pop, and R&B. NYC-based CLIP brings yet another dynamic to the song with her verse. By the way, we are short of ears and eyes to fully absorb the beautiful accompanying music video of “Electronic Devil”. Visually and sonically stunning!

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