Maxim Meyer-Horn

11 Jun

The 10 Best Releases of The Week

Are you desperately looking for brand-new songs to update your Spotify playlist? Don’t worry because we’re (once again) here for you. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us. So turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week.

1. push baby — Circles

What goes around, always comes back around. On their new offering, the UK duo push baby explores their sonic brand by playing even more with their Y2K influences. In this single, they go for a slightly melancholic atmosphere, which they fully achieve in the chorus. The playful character and the small details in the production make the song complete.

2. Bikôkô — Nothing Ever

Bikôkô draws inspiration for her music from Erykah Badu, d’Angelo, and African rhythms. A golden combination because the Barcelona-based singer has a busy festival summer ahead of her since she will present her new mixtape No News is Goods News. “Nothing Never” is already an interesting appetizer in which she brings her familiar elements together and completely captivates us with her beautiful voice.

3. blackwave. and Ahbi The Nomad — a-okay

blackwave. already belongs to the fixed values in the Belgian hip-hop world and will release their new album no sleep in LA independently in September. This regained freedom can also be heard in “a-okay”, for which they collaborated with Ahbi The Nomad. As soon as we put the song on, we see the sun rise in our minds, and we immediately start grooving along. Safe to say, we enjoy surfing along on blackwave.’s musical waves.

4. Halsey — So Good

There was already a lot of commotion around Halsey’s new release before its release, as the singer complained on TikTok about how the platform completely controls the music industry, and their label wouldn’t release her single “So Good” until it went viral. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait too long because “So Good” is a typical Halsey song that you can sing along to after just a few replays.

5. King Princess — Too Bad/Cursed

King Princess doesn’t need a crown to be carried around; her music has been enough to keep thousands in ecstasy for several years now. On her double single “Too Bad/Cursed”, she knows how to give her fans what they crave: two strong King Princess songs that float between sentimental feelings and invigorating energy boosters. Two for the price of one is a good deal.

6. Boyfriend and Pyra — Sugar & Spice

The pop provocateur Boyfriend will release her debut album Sugar & Spice in September, for which she collaborated with Gold Glove (Slayyyter, Big Freedia) and Little Shalimar (Run The Jewels), among others. The title track is a collaboration with the striking t-pop star Pyra and is as spicy as it is sweet, as the name suggests. Between rap and pop, Boyfriend feels at home, and she does a great job with both.

7. The Blaze — EYES

After a well-deserved break, the duo The Blaze return to the big stages, where they have grown into real crowd-pleasers since their debut album Dancehall became a big success in 2018. On their new single “EYES”, they again bring their hypnotic electronic music that takes you to a universe far away from the globe. Close your eyes and simply enjoy “EYES”.

8. ena mori — SOS

The half-Japanese, half-Filipino ena mori feels completely at home in Manila and works on her music there. The innovative synthpop song “SOS” is the first time we get to know this great project. The playful sounds and the good beats make “SOS” a real bop that we can already recommend as the potential soundtrack of your summer.

9. Kai Bosch — Orbit

Kai Bosch, in his early twenties, traded little Cornwall for Berlin when he was 17, only to move back to the metropolis of London. “Orbit” is only his second single, but it already makes it very clear where he wants to go as an artist. Musically, there is something particularly melancholic and hopeful about the whole thing, which is mainly thanks to the vocal production. In the verses, he articulates his feelings crystal clear, then in the chorus, he allows different vocal lines to come together and move you.

10. The Aces — Girls Make Me Wanna Die

This summer looks bright for The Aces. They are touring the US with Why Don’t We, and a new project is ready to be shared with the world. Their cheerful indie pop-rock makes “Girls Wanna Make Me Die” a very catchy song, where standing still is not an option because you want to throw yourself completely. We clearly have a soft spot for great queer anthems like this.

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