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25 Jun

The 10 Best Releases of the Week

Are you desperately looking for brand-new songs to update your Spotify playlist? Don’t worry because we’re (once again) here for you. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us. So turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week.

1. Beyoncé — BREAK MY SOUL

Everyone seemed to be looking forward to Queen B’s long-awaited comeback, and we were right there with them. The legendary singer is going for a new sound for her new album Renaissance, which she previews on “Break My Soul”. The danceable house production with samples from Big Freedia, among others, is already one of the hits of the summer and is the dream return of the most influential artist on earth.


Sweden’s COBRAH has sharper teeth than any reptile we know and is now among the most exciting pop acts of the moment. Her quirky clubby beats come through wonderfully again on “BRAND NEW BITCH” and give everyone the ego boost they need. COBRAH puts so much attitude into her music and gets everyone dancing. Iconic.

3. Coely — Alive

Coely finally returned a few weeks ago after a long break with her comeback single “Run It Up.” With the brand new follow-up “Alive” she reminds us that she is still alive and kicking and knows how to rap like her life depends on it. Coely is still one of the best hip-hop artists in Belgium who is reclaiming her throne and will once again conquer the festivals this summer.

4. Christine and the Queens — Je te vois enfin

French pop heroine Christine and the Queens is known for being an artist that creates timeless music, and has managed to impress us for years with her numerous body of works. “Je te vois enfin” is another intriguing song in which we hear a self-confident artist inspired by the 1980s and new wave. The result is another campy and captivating single that heralds a new chapter for Christine and the Queens.

5. Lolo Zouaï — Blur

Her fans have been waiting a long time for a new album from Lolo Zouaï, as it has been three years since the release of her debut album High High to Low Lows. Her new single “Blur” proved to be more than worth the wait, managing to fuse pop and R&B into a strong whole on razor-sharp productions.

6. Tove Lo — True Romance

Tove Lo will henceforth go through life as an independent artist, releasing her fifth album Dirt Femme (release: 14 October) through her own record label Pretty Swede Records. To add to that news, she released “True Romance.” The song is less radio-friendly than we know of her, but as far as we are concerned, it is the best song of her career and showcases her vocal abilities with incredible passion.

7. Sen Senra — Aroma

In Spain and South America, Sen Senra has long been a gigantic star, and the rest of the world will soon follow. On “Aroma” we hear how he continues to develop as an artist and completely charms us despite the fact that we understand little of the lyrics. Sen Senra has something unique and international, which makes us sincerely wonder why his international breakthrough hasn’t happened yet.

8. Jesse Jo Stark — modern love

Our fascination with Jesse Jo Stark has not diminished in recent years. The singer-songwriter is a real muse in the fashion world, but she also grabs our attention with her music. On September 22, her debut album DOOMED will be released and the ravishing “modern love” will also be found on it. The catchy track has a delicious chorus that we would like to sing along with during a ride in a convertible under the Californian sun.

9. Sofie Royer — Baker Miller Pink

The Viennese singer Sofie Royer wants to stimulate your imagination with her new song “Baker Miller Pink”. Talking about the song, she says: “To quote Boy George, loving would be easy if your colours were like my dreams. In a world where everything is so flatlined and indoctrinating, ‘Baker Miller Pink’ serves as a protest song against this.” Amen to this and this cute song.

10. Idman — Look At What I’m Doing To You

When the title of your song is “Look At What I’m Doing To You” you already have our attention. The non-binary IDMAN goes for a very eclectic sound on the song, which is uplifting for the LGBTQ+ community and is an ode to love. Our love for IDMAN has already been sparked with “Look At What I’m Doing To You”.

Picture by Ninja Hanna

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