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3 Sep

The 10 Best Releases of the Week

Our weekly list of best releases took a little summer break, but we’re glad to announce that we’re going to select our ten favorite releases again starting this week. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us. So turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week that deserve a spot on your Spotify playlist.

1. Tamino — You Don’t Own Me

We’re still reeling from the peerless performance Tamino gave at Pukkelpop just a few weeks ago, but at the same time we’re extremely happy to have a third taste of his new album Sahar with “You Don’t Own Me”. In an intimate way, Tamino makes his way to your heart with his haunting vocals and leaves you speechless when he closes with a whole arsenal of strings towards the end. Few artists manage to leave such a deep impression on us as Tamino does with his incredible music.

2. Shygirl — Nike

We’ve seen Shygirl live twice this summer, so our anticipation for her album Nymph has only increased as a result. On the Mura Masa-produced “Nike,” we once again hear how she completely grabs our attention with her unparalleled flow and pulls us all into the cool atmosphere of the song. Shygirl is well on her way to becoming the new pop heroine that she has long been for us.

3. Connie Constance — Mood Hoover

On “Mood Hoover,” Connie Constance again maneuvers between catchy pop structures and indie rock, quickly settling into our minds with her new pitch. The stanzas tell the story of an imperfect love, which the repetitive refrain “For better for worse / People fall in love” also emphasizes. We hang on to her every word due to the fun guitar lines and her outstanding vocals this time as well.

4. LOLA — Flicker

Fans of FKA Twigs, BANKS, or Oklou will be totally into LOLA’s new track “Flicker”. On this track, we can hear how she creates a mysterious atmosphere with her soft voice on an enchanting hip-hop beat that almost feels spiritual. The sensuality drips off of “Flicker” without overwhelming, the dreamy beats do their job, and especially LOLA shows that she can become a new pop nymph.

5. Cryalot — Labyrinth

It doesn’t seem like Cryalot is searching any longer because on “Labyrinth” she clearly didn’t lose her way. The single deals with an inexhaustible and hopeful feeling that prevails even when you are trapped in your own reality. This softness can be heard in between the overwhelming sounds, with influences from noise and metal, among others, which only allows the contrasts to reinforce each other. “Labyrinth” is not for nothing the focus track of her first project

6. Beckah Amani — “Waiting On You”

On “Waiting On You” Beckah Amani combines all the cultures she grew up in. On the one hand, you have the African elements with, among others, Burundian drums that give color to the song, but you also have the modern keys that refer to Australia. This combination makes “Waiting On You” a very fascinating exploration of her thoughts, and the accompanying music video is also a warm trip with beautiful cinematography.

7. OSKI — “One More Day”

OSKI has several idols, but besides Tyler, the Creator, he is particularly affected by rock groups like Foo Fighters or The Offspring. We can hear this in the new “One More Day”, where he resolutely goes for solid pop rock. His secret weapon is the production, which he once again put together himself and in which he particularly emphasizes the chorus. The post-breakup emotions come out strong with powerful outbursts and a lovely grit in his voice.

8. Kali Uchis — NO HAY LEY

Colombian-American Kali Uchis has been among the most interesting Latin artists for a while now and even has a Grammy in her award cabinet. On “NO HAY LEY” she shows why that is completely justified because once she has seduced us with the first verse, she immediately gets us dancing with the chorus. A summery melancholy overwhelms us while listening to this very pleasant release. Kali Uchis is still an artist we can count on again and again.

9. Sophia Alexa — Before I Go

Lovers of soft pop music with a high cuddle-rock factor will instantly fall in love with “Before I Go”. The endearing single starts with a dreamy guitar rhythm that is soon enriched by beautiful vocal lines, sometimes reminding us of Billie Eilish in the stanzas. There is a melancholic haze around the single, especially since the song was written from the fear of settling somewhere in the future. Hopefully, this won’t be the last of Sophia Alexa we hear.

10. Tove Styke — Another Broken Heart

Tove Styrke is among the star performers in the Scandinavian pop industry and released a strong pop album with her recent album HARD. Today she adds one last track to the album with “Another Broken Heart”, and we once again completely fall for the ironclad production her music is known for. The song completely sticks after listening just once and builds wonderfully with the bridge to the chorus. We are once again fans of Tove Styrke.

P.S. Be sure to check out our interview with Tove Styrke.

Picture by Ramy Moharam Fouad

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