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16 Sep

The 10 Best Releases of the Week

The summer and the big festivals are sadly over but that also means that we can’t expect some great new music in the upcoming months. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us to guide you through the big amount of releases. So turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week that deserve a spot on your Spotify playlist.

1. Tsar B – Auwtch

Tsar B’s sound clearly underwent a metamorphosis, as “Auwtch” beckons a little more toward art pop than the mysterious R&B of the past. We spontaneously think of Caroline Polachek and Oklou when hearing the dreamy melodies and haunting vocal lines. The darkness goes hand in hand with a romantic glow that is almost hypnotic. “Auwtch” wouldn’t even miss as the soundtrack to an apocalyptic thriller with its new wave synths. Moreover, the breathtaking music video is as highly recommended as the song itself.

2. Oscar & The Wolf – Warrior

Our former cover star Max Colombie climbed the main stage at Pukkelpop a month ago and blew everyone away with his great pop show. “Warrior” closed his set then and now finally sees the light of day. The song is bursting with fighting spirit and emotions, giving every listener a feeling of unapologeticness. Oscar & The Wolf remains one of Belgium’s best music exports and has created an absolute anthem with “Warrior.”

3. Lolo Zouaï – pl4g1rl

On October 14th, Lolo Zouaï will release her highly anticipated second album PLAYGIRL, and the title track “pl4g1rl” is probably one of her best songs she released so far. The playful production immediately catches the attention and forms a bridge between hyperpop, pop and R&B. The French-American singer thus further manages to develop her sound, which really sets her apart from other pop artists. “pl4yg1rl” is a perfect reflection of pop music anno 2022 and takes her to the next level.

4. flowerovlove – I Gotta I Gotta

The hype surrounding the seventeen-year-old flowerovlove only seems to increase with each release. The new single “I Gotta I Gotta” spreads a carefree, happy feeling that is somewhere also nostalgic and dreamy due to the nice instrumentation. We even hear influences of Tame Impala and Nilüfer Yanya reflected in the production. flowerovlove may yet blossom all the way into an international success, the seeds have been planted further.

5. SACRE – 05:00 JUNGLE CHASE (Neus Remix)

Normally we rarely if ever discuss remixes in our weekly list, but for NEUS’ rework of SACRE’s “05:00AM JUNGLE CHASER” we are happy to make an exception. The heavy bass lines and futuristic beats instantly teleport our minds to a dark nightclub, where we fully indulge in the track. Those who still look for a song to put in their rave playlist, we definitely recommend adding “05:00AM JUNGLE CHASER” to it.

6. vocalcreature – PRESSURE

There is still a lot of unknown talent in Belgium that deserves a stage, so this week we turn our spotlight on vocalcreature. He is releasing songs on an ongoing basis, as the new “PRESSURE” is already his seventh single this year. On it, we hear how he forces all the pressure off himself on drill instrumentals in very catchy verses. The cool vocal production ensures that we will not soon forget him, because this young artist certainly has talent.

7. Dora Jar – Bump

If Billie Eilish is to be believed, Dora Jar is the next superstar in the making to be watched. Her silky-soft bedroom pop comes into its own again on “Bump” and takes you to beautiful, imaginary places. Everything about the track feels so pure and honest, but at the same time interesting enough to keep our attention. So are you in need of some peace of mind after a busy period? Then “Bump” by Dora Jar is the best medicine to take your mind off things.

8. Nina Chuba & Juju – Wildberry Lillet

Completely unexpectedly, Nina Chuba scored the biggest hit in Germany this summer. The young rapper went viral on TikTok with “Wildberry Lillet” and quickly hijacked the radios with the incredibly cool single. To give the song another boost, popular rap star Juju now joins the track. We’ve had “Wildberry Lillet” on repeat for a week now and just can’t get enough of its catchy hooks.


New York singer PLVTINUM likes to explore the darker sides of human existence in his music, and he does just that on his new pitch “DIE4MYBITCH.” The mix between R&B, mysterious sound elements and his cool voice make “DIE4MYBITCH” a madcap ride, talking about his drive for possession in terms of love. Halloween is no longer too far away and with PLVTINUM’s music, it already has a good soundtrack.

10. UPSAHL – Antsy

When we met UPSAHL in Brussels in May, they already promised us solemnly that new music was coming. Fortunately, she keeps the promise and we get a new single with the melancholic “Antsy.” The recognizable lyrics once again show why she is so popular and fit perfectly with the fun musical atmosphere they create. A new project no longer seems far away thanks to “Antsy,” so watch out.

Pictures Tsar B by Lennert Madou.

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