Maxim Meyer-Horn

27 May

The 10 Best Releases of the Week

Are you desperately looking for brand-new songs to update your Spotify playlist? Don’t worry because we’re (once again) here for you. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us. So turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week.

1. Sky Ferreira — Don’t Forget

Three years after her previous single “Downhill Lullaby” and nine years after her phenomenal debut album Night Time, My Time, Sky Ferreira is finally back with new music. Her new single “Don’t Forget” is an unforgettable pop rollercoaster with a deliciously alternative edge, which we have been craving for so long. Thanks to this strong comeback single, we are looking forward even more to her upcoming album Masochism, due out sometime this year.

2. STACE and Kriticos — Moon

We introduced you to the Brussels-based STACE earlier this year in our series ‘On Our Radar‘ and sensed that big things were coming her way. We were right. In the music video for “Moon”, we see her shining together with Kriticos, and we get a beautiful symbiosis of neo-soul and rap. We’re over the moon by her incredible talent and can’t wait to see her shine on stage this summer.

3. Valencia Grace — Goodbye

A few weeks ago, we saw Valencia Grace’s very first performance at the Sony showcase, and we were completely blown away by her unique voice. On the melancholic “Goodbye”, we get to hear her distinctive voice in all its facets, while the instrumentation builds nicely to a real goosebump moment. Although this is only her second single, it bodes well for what comes next.

4. Gia Woods — Hello

In Los Angeles, Gia Woods is already a true icon within the LGBTQ+ community, and she is also becoming a household name outside her home city. If you don’t know her already, “Hello” is the ideal song to immerse yourself in her music with its playful pop sound. Gia Woods is a real hit machine that is already running at full speed and has us fully immersed in her story.

5. Luka — Blame

Despite her young age, Luka is already quite committed to everything she does. After setting her solo course last year, she is currently planning her debut EP from which we get to discover the next single today. “Blame” is a catchy song with musical references to Avril Lavigne, among others. Get out your air guitar or air drum because we are going to go wild!

6. Yen Strange — Easy Way Out

Yen Strange describes her school days as a difficult time, but at the same time made her the artist she is today. In “Easy Way Out”, the Australian sings about a confidant who just used her to distract himself from his own depression without any consideration for her. She also manages to reflect this disappointment musically, resulting in a beautiful song.

7. Mura Masa, Pa Salieu and Skillibeng — blessing me

Anyone who would have us believe that Mura Masa is not one of the best producers around clearly knows nothing about music. The British talent has experimented a lot with his sound in recent years and doesn’t seem to shy away from any genre. In “Blessing Me”, he gives Pa Salieu and Skillibeng the best conditions to shine and both artists grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Mura Masa remains at the top of our playlist.

8. Loyk and Samuel Nzinga — If The Party Ain’t For You

Loyk recently signed a new record deal and is even more motivated than ever to make it all the way. On “If The Party Ain’t For You”, his first release as a signed artist, he collaborates with R&B singer Samuel Nzinga. Their voices blend perfectly together, and the production provides the good vibes we need this summer. R&B may be underestimated in Belgium, but both artists are undoubtedly putting it back on the map.

9. Sizzy Rocket — Rebel Revolution

We have been following Sizzy Rocket for a while and have always been fans of her cool sound, but with “Rebel Revolution” she manages to exceed our expectations once again. She worked together with Fernando Garibay (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj) who makes sure that her rebellious side is even more obvious. Sizzy Rocket has yet another single that goes down with a bang.

10. Joey XL — SPECIAL

We close our weekly batch of new singles this week with London R&B hopeful Joey XL. He presents himself from his strongest side on the fiery “SPECIAL”, in which he talks about connection and attraction. With this song, he goes in a different direction, one that sounds a bit more cheerful and summery, and he does that very well too. So you should keep an eye on him as well.

Pictures by Patrick Sanders

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