Maxim Meyer-Horn

27 Nov 2021

The 10 Best Songs of the Week

Like every week, tons of new music is being released by your favorite superstars and upcoming acts. Even though you can’t change anything about your Spotify Wrapped anymore, we have discovered some new gems to put on repeat. To guide you through the massive load of new releases, we picked our favorites of the week and added them to our amazing Spotify playlist.

1. Nina Kraviz — This Time

Nina Kraviz is one of the biggest names in techno and has surprised us many times with her great sets. We even got the chance to spend two hours with her in a car after her set at DOUR, which became probably one of our most iconic interviews to date. Nina wouldn’t be Nina if she wouldn’t surprise us with something very new and that’s also the case with her new music.

Instead of creating techno gems, Nina Kraviz has found a new passion in creating a pop album. “This Time” is the second single off of her debut album and gives us a new perspective on her as an artist, songwriter, and producer. Inspired by Cindy Lauper, Laura Branigan, and early Madonna tunes, “This Time” is yet another unexpected turn in her musical career.

2. Sevdaliza — The Great Hope Design

The Dutch-Iranian singer Sevdaliza has created a mind-blowing universe for her latest album Shabrang and established herself once more as one of the most intriguing artists we know. Her electronic soundscape and artistic storytelling, both lyrically and visually, have cemented her as a giant force of nature.

“The Great Hope Design” brings light in the darkness and unifies everything we love about Sevdaliza’s music. The mysterious build-up towards the climax feels like a warm blanket on a cold winter day. It’s surreal, stays unexpected, and gives us goosebumps. What a once in a lifetime artist.

3. Iliona — Si tu m’aimes demain

It’s almost a year ago since we met Iliona on the set of our big ‘On Our Radar‘ editorial in a beautiful villa just outside Brussels. In these twelve months, a lot has changed for the young singer and her debut-EP tristesse helped her gain popularity in France. Ahead of the release of her second EP, there’s finally new music.

Iliona has been working on new material for a while and “Si tu m’aimes demain” is the first single off of her new EP Tête Brûlée (out on 14/01). The song radiates a very cozy atmosphere and has the flair of a brilliant ’80s chanson. We continue to love what Iliona makes, and we expect her to become even bigger in 2022.

4. Sody — Old Flame

It wouldn’t be exaggerated if we described Sody as the ultimate queen of heartbreak. The singer and songwriter has given us some of the most emotional ballads since her debut in 2016 and became the soundtrack for many teenagers going through heartbreak. Since her debut album is set to come out in 2022, we’re excited with every new song we’re getting.

After her uptempo pop tune “Bitch (I Said It)”, her new single “Old Flame” is way more intimate and fragile. The song questions in what dimension your exes are still thinking about you, even when your joint chapter is over. This piano ballad is yet another one we can add to our playlist to cry ourselves to sleep, and we love that.

5. Eden Hunter — Chance My Heart

The UK has a new pop starlet with a lot of potential to become a real sensation. Eden Hunter celebrated her debut a month ago with her single “Weightless” and isn’t ready to slow down yet. With a colorful videoclip, including Drag Race UK‘s River Medway, her new single is ready to grab the top spots in the charts.

The quirkiness of “Chance My Heart” gets us hyped within seconds. The song feels like a great crossover between Lily Allen and Sigrid, making it a perfect pop bop. The chorus has an uplifting energy and instantly puts a smile on your face.

6. STACE — Void

There’s a new neo-soul and alternative R&B artist in town. The Brussels-based singer STACE debuted this year with her single “Mellow”, which introduced us to her dreamy soundscape. Her musical journey, which started at the age of four by improvising with her father, can take her very far with the talent she has.

In “Void”, STACE bares it all and creates a very intimate song where she talks about the darker moments in our lives. Together with her co-producer Daniel Bleikolm, STACE stuns and even reminds us of Lianne La Havas. Close your eyes and enjoy the effortless music of this upcoming artist.

7. Mura Masa — 2gether

Fans of Mura Masa had to be patient because he took his time to release new original music. The Grammy-nominated producer has gifted us instant classics like “Firefly” or “Love$ick” and influenced the dance scene with his unique productions.

“2gether”, his first release of the year, is surprisingly calm and keeps it rather simple. There are no drops or an overload of beats that grab the attention, but his ability of songwriting and producing shines even brighter. “2gether” has something emotional but doesn’t get lost in sadness.

8. Sen Senra — Te Va A Ser Mejor

The Spanish singer Sen Senra could be the surprise of 2022. The 25-year-old artist had a massive year thanks to his collaboration with C. Tangana and reached a million monthly listeners on Spotify. The hype around Sen Senra is building up in Spain, and it would be a surprise if the rest of the world doesn’t follow.

Sen Senra’s signature r&b-style convinces us again on his new single “Te Va A Ser Mejor”. The production is incredibly well-structured, has great instrumentation, and helps Sen Senra to guide us through his thought process. Believe us, Sen Senra is on his way to world domination.

9. Poppy Ajudha — LONDON’S BURNING

Poppy Ajudha came with exciting news this week. Besides a European tour, the singer announced that her debut album The Power In Us comes out on March 11th. Ajudha’s incredibly recognizable voice has already overwhelmed a lot of music fans and led to a collaboration with Tom Misch.

We’re definitely feeling the heat of her new single “LONDON’S BURNING”. The song does her voice so much justice and gives us a warm feeling in our hearts. The slightly complex tempo changes give an extra dimension to her sound, and we’re sure that Poppy’s debut will be an absolute must-listen.

10. daine — IDC

The Australian singer daine is on the verge of her big breakthrough. Our queen of hyper pop Charli XCX has already expressed her obsession with the rising star and several songs of her already got a spot in our playlist. With her debut mixtape Quantum Jumping on the way, this is your ultimate chance to get to know this unique artist.

“IDC” is an absolute emotional pop banger with many different layers and continues where she left us last time. The attention to detail in the vocal production is once again to die for and marks her as a true force to reckon with. Never underestimate daine because she’s got a ton of talent.

Pictures of Iliona by Manuel Obadia-Willss and Roxane Diamand. 

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