Maxim Meyer-Horn

11 Dec 2021

The 10 Best Songs Of The Week

The year is finally coming to a close and the end-of-year lists are popping up everywhere, but there’s still lots of new music to discover. From upcoming or debuting acts to international superstars: our weekly selection is extremely diverse and features a wide range of genres. To make it even easier for you, we added all ten songs to our amazing Spotify playlist.

1. MEYY and Jelani Blackman — Rain

Our Belgian pride moved all the way to London to pursue her dream of becoming an international pop star. With her angelic alt-R&B, she conquered Belgium in a whirlwind and international acclaim started to rise with her new EP. “Rain” concludes her second EP Neon Angel with a bang. In the collaboration with West-London’s rapper Jelani Blackman, she serves her best vocals to date and stuns with a futuristic production.

2. Alice Glass — FAIR GAME

It’s finally happening. Alice Glass will release her highly-anticipated debut album PREY//IV at the end of January, and we’re sure that this album will keep pop fans shook. The new single “FAIR GAME” starts quite dreamy but breaks open to a first climax once the first chorus hits. Alice Glass is bringing fresh air to pop music and found her signature style. We’re obsessed, how about you?

3. Trophie — Ellie (Forevrboy rework)

The Australian artist Trophie found a perfect match in London’s hyperpop act Forevrboy to make a rework of her single “Ellie”. The result is even more tempting than the original version and has an incredible energy that elevates the whole song. Both vocals complement each other so well and make us conclude: this is why we love hyperpop.

4. Astrid S and Dagny — Pretty

The Scandinavian pop stars Astrid S and Dagny united for the first time on the pop gem “Pretty”. Both acts have enchanted us with their irresistible electro-pop in the past and continue to do so in their collaborations. “Pretty” is quirky yet sophisticated and just brings so much joy during these cold winter days.

5. Ruel — GROWING UP IS ___

The British-Australian singer Ruel is still only 19 years old but has already achieved massive things in his career. After releasing three EPs, he released a handful of singles this year with “GROWING UP IS ___” being his last offering of the year. The melancholic pop song centers on a sentimental feeling that comes forward musically and lyrically. If he continues to release such addictive songs, 2022 promises to be a big year.

6. Flower Face — Back to You

Music doesn’t always have to be bombastic to blow you away. “Back to You” by Flower Face is the perfect example of that because, with her minimalistic ballad, she really knows how to get into our feelings. The dark elements give it a special edge, but the fragility of the whole feels very pure and touching, which seems to become Flower Face’s trademark.

7. Danny Dwyer — Brokenhearted

The anti-pop artist Danny Dwyer just announced the release date of his debut EP Losers (out on 22 April) by releasing his new single “Brokenhearted”. Together with the brilliant accompanying music video, this song is indicating that the future of Danny Dwyer is looking brighter than ever. His roots in hip-hop and alternative rock shine through but also make him stand out as an artist and producer.

8. Aeris Roves — Long Way Down

When you can count Billie Eilish among your biggest fans, you know that big things can happen. The London-based singer-songwriter returned earlier this year with new music after spending two years in the studio. “Long Way Down” can be the start of something bigger as he is bringing different popular elements in music together. “Long Way Down” is a song that makes our heart beat faster, and we love that.


COUCOU CHLOE enjoyed a new momentum this year when she was asked to remix “Stupid Love” on Lady Gaga’s Dawn of Chromatica, where she showcased her ability to produce. Her new single “ZERO FIVE STARS” once again demonstrates her unique approach where underground electronic sounds collide with typical pop structures. This is not zero out of five stars, but a convincing five out of five.

10. Theodor Black — LOOP

Theodor Black is taking the next steps in his career by working with Majestic Casual’s Friends of the New. Known for his raw rap flow and recognizable voice, he quickly became one of London’s next phenomenon within the scene. “LOOP” builds upon his previous tracks and showcases his power as a rapper with a vision.

Pictures by Michael Smits

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