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25 Sep

The 10 Best Songs of the Week

Summer is coming to an end and that usually marks the start of weeks full of album releases. With the return of live music, there’s finally some perspective for the music industry, which also means that many artists are releasing new music. To guide you through the massive load of new releases, we picked our ten favorites of the week and added them to our amazing Spotify playlist.

1. Sylvie Kreusch — Walk Walk

Are you already counting the days until the release of Sylvie Kreusch’s debut album Montbray? Because we are. The Belgian songstress became an established name because of her effortless take on pop music with its cinematic soundscape that will conquer a place in your heart real quick.

Together with an incredibly beautiful music video, “Walk Walk” sees the light of day and feels like a lovely caress to our ears. It is, once again, an elegant and mesmerizing song that makes an impression from start to finish. Sylvie is walking her way to the wall of fame.

2. Zoe Wees and 6LACK — That’s How It Goes

The journey of Zoe Wees reads like a fairytale. After impressing the coaches on the German version of The Voice Kids, the young talent was discovered by Sony Music. Her debut single “Control” became a smash hit around the globe, and her debut EP Golden Wings already gathered over 350 million streams.

To launch her even more on the international market, Zoe joins forces with the popular rapper 6LACK on the powerful pop anthem “That’s How It Goes”. Her strong vocals and 6LACK’s typical autotune are a great match and could land them a new super hit.

3. Gabriels — Blame

If we have to believe every important music outlet, LA trio Gabriels is the band to watch out for. Even with only a handful of songs, they managed to sell out their London shows in a matter of time. In March, Gabriels will join the impeccable Celeste on her big UK tour, and that’s only the start.

The most interesting thing about Gabriels is that they make something so intimate sound so grand without exaggerating. “Blame” is a marvelous, soul-stirring funk, and gospel odyssey with such an exquisite eye for detail. Gabriels is in for a big year in 2022 when they release their debut album.

4. Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul — Thank You

There are only a few Belgian acts that are currently internationally acclaimed but Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul are definitely one of them. Not only did they already tour through Europe and the States, but international music critics have also already admitted their love for their magnificent electropop.

The start of “Thank You” is surprisingly secretive for Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul, but the slow build-up to the great climax is typical for them. This track is a real gift for fans of good alternative electropop and is yet another example of why everyone loves these two so much.

5. Sola — Feels Like War

It doesn’t happen a lot that we get goosebumps when we listen to an artist for the first time, but Sola gave us just that. Her distinctive voice immediately touched us because of its seemingly unlimited amount of soul. The elegance of Sola’s music, which is clearly inspired by Nina Simone and Sade, is utterly stunning.

On her latest cut “Feels Like War”, Sola offers us a gorgeous blend of timeless R&B and jazz styles. Every word she sings reaches our soul, while the whole arrangement of instruments is the ideal backdrop for her storytelling.

6. EM Glasser — All I Want

EM Glasser was always surrounded by music when growing up in Miami or visiting her grandparents in Russia, one an opera singer and the other a composer. The Berlin-based artist is still only 18 years old, but don’t let that fool you. Her music is fresh and gives you a sense of freedom, so let us introduce her new track.

“All I Want” is sophisticated disco-pop like we love to hear it. The catchy hook is well-balanced with an addictive laidback production. Inspired by the moment where you elevate with someone on the dancefloor you may not know intimately, this song makes us long to dance with strangers in a club again.

7. Lynks and Grove — BBB

What happens when you gather two provocateurs on one song? Right, you get a badass song like there are only a few. Lynks and Grove are known for turning every party into a rave with their unapologetic vibe, so it’s no surprise that they form a match made in heaven.

“BBB” stands for Big Bad Bitch and also radiates that energy in the cheeky lyrics. The beats start quite conventional but evolve into a freaky collection of sounds. “BBB” is the kind of song that makes you feel powerful in every situation.

8. Bebi Monsuta — RäkStär

New York’s one-love sisters Bebi Monsuta make music for the outcasts, nerds, the societal villains, the condemned, and the abandoned ones. On their forthcoming debut EP, they will be showcasing their fearless side, and we are certainly in for a thrill.

“RäkStär” (reads as rockstar) is a genre-fusing track with different levels of energy. Besides some sultry parts, they aren’t joking when it comes to their raps. We won’t ever get bored by Bebi Monsuta if they keep dropping these bangers.


Belgian singer and rapper ICTO came a long way. After being recognized as a talent to watch by Belgian radio station Studio Brussel in 2019, she released an EP and slowly started to work on new music. By experimenting with sounds and her voice, she finished her second EP that will show a new side of the artist.

“PPYB”, her first single in months, is probably one of her strongest releases to date and clearly shows the musical glow-up of the young artist. ICTO is on the right path to surprise everyone with her new sound and EP.

10. Haich Ber Na — The Last Time I Saw You

Haich Ber Na originally is a rap and grime producer, but his attraction to avant-garde electropop took over in 2017. His critically acclaimed EP From Then ‘Til Now has opened many doors for the British artist, and his new music has everything to make him even more popular.

Don’t let the hilarious artwork of “The Last Time I Saw You” mislead you because this song is an absolute gem. The song can be situated somewhere between Tame Impala and Frank Ocean, which proves that he can become a global sensation soon. “The Last Time I Saw You” is definitely one of our favorite tracks of the week!

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