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21 May

The 11 Greatest Songs Of the Week That You Should Listen To Right Now

Are you bored with playing your usual playlist on repeat? We’ve got your back! Every week, we’re sharing the most exciting new releases and introduce you to the hits of tomorrow. From the biggest superstars to debuting acts, we’re covering it all and putting it in our wonderful Spotify playlist.

1. Florence + the Machine — Call me Cruella

Next week, the new movie Cruella will premiere on Disney+. We are already looking forward to seeing Emma Stone shine, but we’re also delighted that none other than Florence + the Machine will curate the soundtrack. The British singer chose songs from legends like Queen, Tina Turner, and Nina Simone, but shines singing the title track.

“Call me Cruella” starts as the song we knew from the animation movie, but builds to a dark, typical Florence + the Machine sound. She made—in our opinion—a perfect soundtrack for the crazy character that is Cruella: dark, mysterious, and some insane debaucheries. We’re already excited to see how this evolves in the movie.

2. AYRA — Hold Tight

Almost two years ago, Leen Vanheers aka AYRA released her debut single “Fool”. She let us enter a dreamy world full of glitter and pink clouds but then disappeared. Now, she finally returns with the very nice “Hold Tight”.

AYRA definitely has grown since her debut because she took a very big step on “Hold Tight”. The single starts out very dreamy but then turns into a poppy, bass-guided track. The Belgian singer ends the track with some exotic Jamie xx-ish touches and then leaves us open-mouthed. What a comeback by AYRA!

3. The Subs x Ogenn — Warrior Of Love

The Subs wants to dance again, and we’d love to join them on a dance floor very soon. The Belgian project is known for their great sense for instant dance classics and still reign the Belgian scene with their infectious beats and songs.

After expressing their desire to dance in “I Want To Dance Again”, their close friends Ogenn joins them once more on “Warrior Of Love” and adds a mysterious touch to the song with her haunting vocals. We can’t wait to dive into the nightlife again and hope that we can rave to these recent songs of The Subs soon.

4. eee geee — Favourite Lover

Danish singer-songwriter Emma Grankvist aka eee gee is bringing out her debut single “Favourite Lover” today, May 21st. Her sound teeters on the edge of her origin, Nordic pop melancholia, with Americana, folk, and country. Describing her music, she says, “I write music for the introvert, who is constantly pushed into the uncomfortable extrovert way of how the world works.”

Her debut single “Favourite Lover” represents the journey of feeling un-datable but turning that into a moment of lonely self-care. It’s all about realizing you don’t need anyone. “Favourite Lover” manages to show a songwriter who is not afraid to confront her own fragility and self-belief.

5. Boshra — Drifting

Even though her first single “This Town” was met with much praise, Belgian singer Boshra waited a year before she wanted to unveil the next phase of her project. Together with the 10/10 Collective, the ambitious singer worked hard on new aesthetics and a video, which really elevates her artistry.

Imagine the mysteriousness of BANKS mixed with the hypnotizing vibe of Tsar B and you get “Drifting”. The well-produced song is seamlessly merging western pop with oriental sounds, resulting in a thrilling listening experience. The music video of “Drifting” is worth watching too.

6. Felicia — Self

The Belgian-based singer-songwriter Felicia with Congolese roots calls herself a poetic lyricist because she chooses her words carefully. As for her music, it’s a blend of everything that inspires her, and right now, she takes inspiration from Jorja Smith, UMI, and Miraa May. After already putting out two songs (“More” and “Circles”), she’s now back with “Self”, the third single of her forthcoming EP Reminiscence, out May 28.

For “Self”, Felicia worked with her brother Rudy Mukendi-Kalonji and is all about how we should work on ourselves and process our trauma and emotions: “This song has a double meaning; I’m telling myself to heal but I’m also telling others that they hurt me by not healing themselves. I think everyone could relate to this song.” We couldn’t agree more!

7. Holly Humberstone — The Walls Are Way Too Thin

Holly Humberstone is going places! The British singer just released her debut EP last year but is already finishing her second one. A few weeks ago, she surprised us with an emotional goodbye in “Haunted House”, where she left her house for the big city. In her newest track, she experiences the pressure of London.

On “The Walls Are Way Too Thin”, Holly is pulling the pop card. She talks about the stress she experienced in the big city compared to the countryside. The singer doesn’t betray her recognizable sound, but she did take some steps in a new direction. We’re already excited to hear Bored & Ignored in full.

8. Peyton — Let It Flow

Houston-based singer-songwriter Peyton grew up with music through her church and family, encouraged by her late grandmother Grammy-nominated gospel singer Theola Booker. The likes of Popsugar, Essence, and Fader have all praised her rich and unique sound, and her single “Sweet Honey” even appeared on the playlist of HBO’s Insecure.

“Let It Flow” is part of Peyton’s forthcoming debut album PSA, set to release on July 23. Her newest single reflects PSA’s overall themes of self-love and is all about trusting your gut. Or as Peyton describes it, “’Let It Flow’ is an anthem and a mantra that encourages going with the flow and trusting your intuition.”

9. MARINA — Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

MARINA might have dropped her famous diamonds, but the superstar is still shining like ever before. With songs like “Primadonna” or “Bubblegum Bitch”, the singer has made some iconic pop culture tracks that have a serious revival thanks to TikTok.

Her brand new single “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” combines the quirkiness of “Primadonna” with the slight rock vibe of “Bubblegum Bitch” and it absolutely works. MARINA is totally back on track and is serving bop after bop.

10. Chuki Beats, Frenetik, Geeeko, and YG Pablo — Couvre Feu

Chuki Beats is an absolute heavyweight in the European hip hop scene and belongs to Europe’s most exciting hip hop producers with his million subscribers on YouTube. After all these years of working for other artists, Chuki finally finished his first own album, which will arrive this year.

For the album, Chuki Beats invited the most promising acts of the Belgian hip hop scene, and “Couvre Feu” is already an impressive first taste. Together with Frenetik, Geeeko, and YG Pablo, he made a very catchy and dynamic track where everybody gets the chance to shine. If all the songs match the quality of this song, we can expect an album for the history books.

11. blackwave. — recluse

The Belgian duo blackwave. has already had some big projects under their belt. With their debut album ARE WE STILL DREAMING?, they performed on every big stage in Belgium and were treated like true superheroes. Instead of trying to reproduce the success of their first album, they took their time to reflect and try something new.

“recluse” sees Willem and Jay return to the soulful, laidback hip-hop that made them so popular. Their new song radiates so much comfort and security, especially because the melody is so calming with its strings. “recluse” is the ideal song to go outside and enjoy the good weather.

Photo credits: Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle 

Co-written by Lucas Palmans and Mira Van Lierop

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