Janne Schellingen

22 May

The 1975’s ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ Leaves Us Wanting More

British alt-rock band The 1975 just released their fourth studio album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’. The release of the album had been postponed several times, once because it wasn’t finished yet, another time because of the corona crisis. Today, we have finally been blessed with the complete album.

Even though it was a bit of a wait for the album, we weren’t left with nothing. The band had already released eight singles of Notes on a Conditional Form to keep us entertained. You’d think that would practically be the whole album, but nothing is less true. In total, the album features 22 (!) songs.

Back to their old sound

For their single “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)”, The 1975 released a music video on April 23. Many fans agree that the single takes them back to the band’s old sound and compare it to songs like “Girls” and “Heart Out”. It’s almost like an ode to their first album The 1975. We love that the British band still appreciates their old genre of music and embodies it. Especially with the black and white video, The 1975 takes us back to 2013.

The Birthday Party” is a sad song with a lot of meaning behind it and refers to frontman Matt Healy’s past drug addiction. Fans think that the music video depicts Healy’s current mental health: he has battled his addiction to drugs but still feels sad and lonely and finds pleasure on the internet and in memes. In the end, Healy kisses himself, which tells us he is trying to connect with himself and love himself. Although the song didn’t get a lot of hype, we don’t mind it.

Leaves us wanting more

Notes on a Conditional Form is a rollercoaster of emotions and genres. “People” is close to punk, while others like “Frail State of Mind” remind us of their second album. NOACF features a couple of instrumental songs, like “The End (Music For Cars)” and “Streaming”. These two aren’t the greatest and serve more like fillers for the album than anything else. We do absolutely adore “What Should I Say” and “Me & You Together Song”.

To accompany the album release, The 1975 and director Ben Ditto have tasked 15 artists to make artworks that respond to 15 tracks. These artworks will be released over the next two weeks and will be available on YouTube. The online exhibition includes artists like Ai-Da, Alice Bucknell, Joey Holder, Mia Kerin, and many more. Both the album and the exhibition reflect upon the contemporary search for one’s true self online. The themes of the album and exhibition are hope, love, technology, anxiety, and violence.

NOACF has a very intimate feel to it. The songs tell us more about Healy’s struggles in “I Think There’s Something You Should Know” and how he feels about his bandmates in “Guys“. Because the album features so many different songs, we’re sure there’s one to everyone’s liking. We do miss the indie-pop rock dance-along vibes their old songs “Chocolate”, “Girls” and “Sex” gave us. Even though it’s a lengthy album, Notes on a Conditional Form leaves us wanting more.

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