Romy Deridder

15 May

The 8 Best Songs of the Week

Are you desperately looking for brand-new songs to update your Spotify playlist? Don’t worry because we’re (once again) here for you. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us. Instead of focusing on releases by established acts, we decided to highlight eight upcoming artists who all convinced us with their new music this week. Turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week.

1. Shygirl — Firefly

As a celebration of her debut album Nymph, Shygirl releases her lead single “Firefly”. For the full-length album, we need to be patient until September 30th. But we already know that the London-based artist worked together with a lot of other musical talents to create this album, including Mura Masa, Sega Bodega, Karma Kid, Arca, and Cosha. So, we won’t be disappointed! Please, while listening pay attention to the accompanying video. (It’s amazing!)

2. Coely and ALBI X — Run It Up

You read that right! Our Belgian artist Coely is back. It’s been five years since her album “Different Waters”, but now she releases her new single “Run It Up” featuring the German Albi X. Because of the Congolese roots of Coely and Albi X, the song includes Lingala and English. A golden combination! The single is about not waiting for a helping hand and just doing it yourself.

3. Shaka Shams — Balrog

The third time’s the charm! That sounds promising for the third single of Belgian artist Shaka Shams’ upcoming EP Action Only Volume 2. The full EP is coming out in June but for now, we could only hope that it’s as good as this single. “Balrog” is inspired by the demonic monster known from Tolkien’s fantasy fiction. In the video, you see Shaka Shams’ inner Balrog, which is beautiful and a bit scary at the same time.


BETWEEN FRIENDS is a brother and sister duo born in Florida. Their newest single “Laurel” will be on their new EP named Cutie, coming out on June 10th. The tracklist is inspired by everything from ‘90s alt-R&B to ‘50s elevator music, catchy songs, off-the-cuff voice memos, and even personal anecdotes. All that in a nostalgic look that will take you back to the time of MTV and Nickelodeon!

5. Tove Lo — No One Dies From Love

This Swedish artist changed labels and is happier than ever! That’s why she released this single. “No One Dies From Love” is co-written by Ludvig Söderberg, who also wrote songs for P!nk, Lorde, and Major Lazer. The song is about (as you can guess) a heartbreak, but it isn’t the typical cry-like-a-baby song.

6. Mallrat — Butterfly Blue

Mallrat’s debut album Butterfly Blue just came out and has the potential to be Australia’s best pop album of the year. She makes music like she would paint a painting: by sketching a time and a place in only a couple of strokes. Besides the single “Butterfly Blue”, the single “Rockstar”, which was released 19 months ago, is still the showpiece of the album. It is about her falling in love with a rockstar but believe us when we say that she’s the real rockstar today!

7. Remi Wolf — Michael

The Los Angeles artist will release an expanded edition of her debut album Juno. The lead single of this expansion is named “Michael” and is a re-purposed track of Juno’s. Remi Wolf herself says that this song stood out immediately! But we are looking forward to also hearing the other songs on June 3rd. Hopefully, it is the same perfect mixture between hip-hop, R&B, and funk.

8. LVL1 — CO1N

LVL1 is pronounced as Luli. You might know them from their debut single “FVN”, which went viral on TikTok with two million views! The Andalucian, but now Madrid-based artist, flirts with hyper-pop and club sounds but her Andalucian heritage remains very important to her. Now, it’s we only have to wait for this single to beat the success of “FVN” and claim the throne on TikTok.

Photo credits: @samuel.ibram

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