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16 May

The answer for a flawless skin: Vinoperfect from Caudalie

The past weeks we’ve been testing a few newbies in the Caudalie range including the Vinoperfect radiance serum and concentrated brightness essence. Our busy lives left their marks so we could use a little boost. On top, living in a city centre doesn’t exactly contribute to a healthy, glowing skin.

When you still have a skin fresh like a peach you might think there is no need to get all crazy with the skincare products. Our opinion: you can never take care of yourself enough. Or like our moms used to say: “better safe than sorry”.

Vinoperfect concentrated brightness essence

With every skincare product, there comes a routine. The Vinoperfect concentrated brightness essence is meant to use after you properly cleansed your face. Put a few drops on your fingertips or a cotton pad and tap into your face and neck.

What does the essence exactly do? It removes black spots, moisturizes, soothes and boosts the performance of the serum you’ll use afterwards. The essence contains glycolic acid which eliminated dead skin cells, the brand’s iconic organic grape water and white peony.

Same as with all the Caudalie products we use, the essence feels very natural on your face. It’s almost like it knows what your skin needs without a high tech analysis.

Caudalie Vinoperfect range

Vinoperfect radiance serum

The serum is meant to be used after the essence and before putting on your regular cream. Just applying a few drops on your face, neck and even décolleté is more than enough. It promises to even out your skin tone, correct dark spots and enhance radiance. Same as with all Caudalie products no parabens, mineral oils or animal ingredients to be found in the ingredients list. But the all natural viniferine and olive squalane instead.

In the beginning the serum feels a bit sticky but that’s gone after 5 minutes. And it does what it promises to do. Glowing skin (without looking like a bowling ball), check!

The bigger picture

Since everything is connected, we made our new skincare routine part of the bigger picture. You simply can’t expect that only products will resolve all your problems. It requires a little effort but we do notice a difference. If you want to try it out yourself go for a yoga session 4 times a week, at least 2 liters of water every day, healthy food and 8 hours of sleep each night. The sum of the parts will definitely help the Vinoperfect range doing its job!



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