5 items we're done with this season


17 Oct

The Dad Sneaker Is Done, Here’s How to Replace It

Triple S, we loved you, but it has just been too much. Your amazing design made you the most wanted item of the past two seasons. However, the best is the enemy of the good. All brands quickly launched a dad sneaker. High-end labels created a chunky sneaker of their own, while chain stores just hit us with exact copies. With regret in our hearts we’ll have to say goodbye and move on to other footwear.

Go Western

If you hadn’t noticed… mainly thanks to Raf Simons (who else?), the cowboy boots are a major footwear trend this season. Unlike the dad sneaker, cowboy boots have a classy, tough and sexy aspect. Honestly, what do we want more.

The Dad Sneaker is done
The Dad Sneaker is done
The Dad Sneaker is done

Hiking not Hiking Boots

The hiking-inspired boot has been around since last winter and can apparently stay a little longer. Same as with the dad sneaker, it’s not the most elegant type of footwear, but at least we haven’t seen basically everyone wearing these boots. On top, these are perfect when winter will finally come, probably in February.

The Dad Sneaker is done
The Dad Sneaker is done

Anything Balenciaga, except the sneakers

It’s basically very simple… you can buy everything from the entire Balenciaga collection, even that very expensive checkered pajama suit we’re in love with. Just stay away from the sneakers (yes, also the sock ones).

The Dad Sneaker is done
The Dad Sneaker is done

If you really can’t resist…

When the title of this article caused you to have a panic attack or even an emotional breakdown, we might have some good news. When it comes to dad sneakers there are a few exceptions that are still very acceptable. First of all, there’s the Nike Monarch, which basically is the granddad of all dad sneakers. Obviously also the Raf Simons x Adidas Ozweegos became a classic. The model was first launched in 2013, a time in which we would have never thought that our dad’s footwear would become an actual thing.

The Dad Sneaker is done
The Dad Sneaker is done

Photo credits: Nordstrom, Calvin Klein, Edited, Pernille Teisbaek, Balenciaga, Gucci, Sonia Lyson

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