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The Hotel of Our Dreams: Soho House in Istanbul

There are hotels and there are hotels. The first one just offers you a place to sleep and a shower. Then there’s a second category, hotels that are more than a bed and breakfast. The Soho House in Istanbul definitely belongs to group number two, staying here is rather an experience than a simple sleepover.

A 19th century palazzo

The Soho House building was constructed in 1873 by architect Giacomo Leoni, commissioned by powerful Genoese shipbuilder Ignazio Corpi. It took nine years to build this impressive palazzo in the European quarter of the city called Constantinople. Marble was imported from Carrara for the flooring and facings. All doors and window frames are made from Piemonte rosewood and famous 19th century artists were hired to decorate the walls with Greek mythological paintings.

From US embassy, to consulate, to luxury hotel

When Ignazio died, the building was lent to American ambassador John G.A. Leishman, who turned it into the American embassy and his residence. It later became the US consulate until 2003. In 2014, it came into the hand of the Soho House group that restored the palazzo into its former glory and turned it into a hotel.

Soho House Istanbul
Soho House Istanbul

More than a hotel

Besides the 87 bedrooms of several sizes, the hotel also has a bar, restaurant, gym, spa, game room, late night club and rooftop pool. If you’re not a member of the very private Soho House members group, you can rent a small room starting from €200 for one night. We have no idea what members have to pay, but becoming one doesn’t seem that easy and we like to keep things simple. Also, be aware of the fact that you can’t take random pictures in the hotel. The privacy of all guests is very much respected.


Soho House is located in the area called Beyoglu, Istanbul’s answer to Soho (no joke). It’s the place to be for hip bars, restaurants and other hot spots. Also Cukurcuma, the neighborhood known for its antique shops, is located within walking distance.

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Soho House Istanbul
Soho House Istanbul

Photo credits: Soho House, Agoda, CN Traveler


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