The best lazy classy Sunday looks


3 Sep

The Ideal Lazy Classy Sunday Look

Let’s give you an overview of our current situation: we went out too late, drank (way) too much and are currently stuck with that thing called a hangover. Now… there are two options: we stay in bed with BFF Netflix all day or go outside to enjoy the sun. Number 2 sounds appealing but the only disadvantage is that we’ll have to find ourselves an appropriate Sunday look (and probably take a shower). We could go out as we are but people might get disgusted.

The ideal lazy classy Sunday look

Unless you have a fancy event, wearing high heels is forbidden on Sunday. God created this day to rest, not to twist your ankle. The other extreme: dressing like you just woke up after months of hibernating isn’t a solution either. But there’s a happy hangover medium…

Which pieces of clothing / accessories does it involve?

– Shades that cover up most of your face

– Sweatpants or a comfy pair of jeans

– Sneakers or slippers

– An oversized sweater, shirt or T-shirt

– Takeaway coffee

Now if you don’t mind we’re going for another little nap… See you in an hour or two!

The best lazy classy Sunday looks
The best lazy classy Sunday looks
The best lazy classy Sunday looks

Photo credits: Collage Vintage, High Snobiety, Pinterest


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