Maison Christian Dior Advent Calendar 2019


27 Nov 2019

The Maison Christian Dior Enchanted Advent Calendar Is the Christmas Must-Have

The countdown to Christmas can officially begin with the launch of the prettiest advent calendar you ever laid your eyes on. Besides that its content is very useful, it doesn’t contain calories and you’ll want to keep the packaging afterwards. All of these hints can only lead to one brand: Maison Christian Dior.

The Queen of all Advent Calendars

If there were a beauty contest for advent calendars, the Maison Christian Dior one would win this year’s edition. Inside, it’s fully illustrated by Vincent Darr√©, a famous French decorator (among others), which makes it a true piece of art. 30 Avenue Montaigne, the iconic building where Maison Christian Dior is located, was the main inspiration for the calendar. The idea behind the design was to create an enchanting universe, to give everyone access to the extraordinary world of haute couture.

Once you’ve overcome the fear of destroying this precious creation, you’ll find 24 Maison Christian Dior surprises behind the little doors. We won’t reveal what exactly is inside, but we can already spoil that it’s a selection of the iconic product’s miniature versions and exclusive gifts.

Find out more on Dior’s website!

Maison Christian Dior Advent Calendar 2019
Maison Christian Dior Advent Calendar 2019
Maison Christian Dior Advent Calendar 2019
Maison Christian Dior Advent Calendar 2019


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