The Modern Family Edition featuring Uniqlo ULD

That having a good style has no age can be considered as an established fact. Fashion is a universal language, one that connects people and goes beyond borders. In honor of this editorial we gathered a group of like-minded individuals from different age groups and with different backgrounds. We connected with them through the Uniqlo ULD collection.

It isn’t a secret that the ULD (short for Ultra Light Down) collection is one of the showpieces of Uniqlo. As the name itself says, it’s a range for men, women and children of remarkably thin and light jackets and coats. ULD can be compared to a great inner layer that can be worn underneath or on top of your outfit to keep you warm. There are different versions with varieties in thickness to please you as you wish.

Discover the ULD collection via Uniqlo’s website.

Zjoske and Hiske Van Den Wouwer in Uniqlo ULD jacket

Hiske and Zjoske Van den Wouwer

Hiske is the founder and owner of one of the most iconic and groundbreaking hair salons in Antwerp, called The Pony Club. Her daughter Zjoske is a cool kid from Antwerp with her own authentic sense of style.

Find Hiske and Zjoske on Instagram as @hi_sk_e_ and @_zjoske_.

Zjoske Van Den Wouwer in Uniqlo ULD jacket
Zjoske Van Den Wouwer in Uniqlo ULD jacket
Hiske Van Den Wouwer in Uniqlo ULD jacket
Hiske Van den Wouwer in Uniqlo ULD jacket
Yung Mavu in Uniqlo ULD jacket

Yung Mavu

Yung Mavu, also known as Noah Mavuela, is part of the new generation of Belgian hip hop artists. He recently released his debut EP Matter Of Time. Keep an eye on this one!

Find Yung Mavu on Instagram as @yung_mavu.

Yung Mavu in Uniqlo ULD jacket
Yung Mavu in Uniqlo ULD jacket
Yung Mavu in Uniqlo ULD jacket
Marie-France Vodikulwakidi in Uniqlo ULD jacket

Marie-France Vodikulwakidi and Jazz

Marie-France is a freelance multitasker from Brussels, specialized in connecting the dots. During the day she’s a PR manager at her own company, in the evening you can find her behind the DJ booth. Jazz is Marie-France’s niece and an aspiring model.

Find Marie-France on Instagram as @themfway.

Marie-France Vodikulwakidi in Uniqlo ULD jacket
Jazz in Uniqlo ULD jacket
DJ Deloin in Uniqlo ULD jacket

Karim Lachenani

Karim is an Antwerp-based DJ who goes under the name DJ Deloin. He’s well-known for his knowledge of the entire Michael Jackson oeuvre and masters mixing funk, soul and old-school hip hop.

Find him on Instagram as @djdeloin.

DJ Deloin in Uniqlo ULD jacket

Luk Van Soom and Annita Krols

Luk Van Soom is a Belgian sculptor who aims to grasp the intangible. His public work can be admired at the Boulevard de Waterloo in Brussels (The Man from Atlantis) and at the Antwerp University (Adam’s Arm), amongst others. Annita is his loving wife and a passionate teacher.

Find Luk on Instagram as @lukvansoom.

Luc Van Soom in Uniqlo ULD jacket
Uniqlo ULD jacket

Photography by Brahim Grover Tall
Creative direction by Enfnts Terribles
Styling by Kate Housh, assisted by Catherine Bourda
Makeup by Marlien Echelpoels, assisted by Lieze Meurs

All outfits that are used in the editorial are available at Uniqlo.

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