The power of the eyebrow


18 May

The power of the eyebrows

Those funny two strips of hair that keep moisture out of our eyes when we sweat or walk around in the rain.Most of the time we don’t even realize they’re still there. Besides the practical part our eyebrows also have a an important function when it comes to facial expression. And they are a significant aspect of our appearance. So we better make sure they are on point!

Every pair of eyebrows needs a different kind of approach, depending on the shape and color. But the basic steps to make them look smooth are the same. Let’s have a look…

Shape shape shape

We’ll give you one tip: do not ever let the 90’s inspire you when it comes to eyebrows. Nowadays it’s all about the bigger the better and over plucked brows don’t frame the face very well. Use tweezers once every three weeks so all the hairs have time to grow out. When you’re blessed with an unibrow, pluck some of the hairs but never overdo. A too large space between the eyebrows makes your nose look bigger than it already is.

If you have full eyebrows of your own we advise you to only use a transparent gel or wax to groom them. Otherwise they might be too present.

the power of the eyebrow
The power of the eyebrow

Watch your tone

When your eyebrows have a really light color or some hairs are missing you can always give mother nature a hand. We’re big fans of the & Other Stories eyebrow tools because of the price and good quality. First comb the hairs into the right shape and then use the brush and the powder to add some color. To fixate the brows you can use a mascara in the same shade as a final touch. Most of the beauty brands have one in their offer but we especially like the Shu Uemura one because of the small brush.


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