22 Jan

The Ugliest 90’s Shoe Is Back in Business, Hello Buffalo

People who lived through the nineties in a conscious way, by which we mean not as a child or an embryo, will probably not be thrilled to hear this… But the Buffalo is back. For two decades everyone thought we’d be rid of this fashion mistake forever and all of a sudden it just hits you. Trying to burry the past clearly had no effect on generation 20 in 2018. Thanks to the popularity of the dad shoe and some other 90’s revivals, it was to be expected that Buffalos would see the daylight again.

Same same but different

The good old buffalos barely changed. When it comes to styling a few things (luckily) have evolved… the extremely low waisted bootcut trousers in all kinds of ugly plastic fabrics are replaced by sweatpants. Crop Tops clearly are still a thing and track jackets haven’t left either. Beauty-wise the over-plucked eyebrows have turned into fuller versions, luckily. At least there’s one thing we learned from watching old Christina Aguilera videos.

The ultimate re-breakthrough

At this particular moment an official re-breakthrough hasn’t been made official. However, the Buffalos have been spotted in some high-end stores, Dua Lippa wears them and the brand itself clearly believes it’s possible. Now we just have to wait for hair gel, black lipliner, purple hair mascara and belly button rings to join the crew. Looking forward…

Buffalo sneakers revival


Buffalo sneakers revival


Buffalo sneakers revival



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