The Underestimated Relationship Called Friendship

A while ago we saw an article passing by about the link between friendship and on our amount of happiness. More than one-third of people over 45 in the Western world admitted that they felt quite lonely sometimes. We invest a lot of time in finding the right spouse, reproducing and trying to partner-up at work. So much time that we forget the importance of a few good friends. Several scientific held tests throughout the years even demonstrated that friendship is the single most important factor in determining a person’s happiness.

Holy friendship

Unlike the biggest part of our family and colleagues, we actually choose our friends. (Whether or not wisely.) Sense of humor, empathic skills, interests and other characteristics determine if someone can become part of your life or not. Friends are our true sounding board. We call them when something important happens, when we are happy or when we are sad. While with family you might sometimes feel that you need to keep up a good appearance, this isn’t the case in a good true friendship. You don’t have to get along just because of a blood connection (in some cases), you actually get along.

Friendship Relationship

Deeply rooted traditions

This of course doesn’t mean that family, colleagues and other human relationships have less effect on our mental state of mind. But what we see around us is that people are so focussed on finding the right relationship material that everything else becomes trivial. Even worse, once they found their one true match, many amongst us just leave their friends for what they are. Only following that deeply rooted tradition of old school love and creating an offspring becomes essential. People totally forget about how to be an individual with a life of their own. This might certainly work for a while but in the long term it just might not be enough. Never forget that soulmates come wrapped in different packages.

Also, because of traditions, the essential value of friendship has been understated, unappreciated and understudied. The past century we gained personal freedom and this changed everything concerning family values. While family used to be the holy grail, year after year other relationships and connections became more important. Personally, we are happy with this evolution. Because honestly… our dearest friends, what would our lives be without them.

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Friendship Relationship

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