Vipp Shelter Sweden


The Vipp Shelter in Sweden Takes You Back to Nature

Who would’ve ever thought that a pedal bin would become the inspiration for a romantic Swedish getaway? We certainly didn’t, but Danish design company Vipp saw it as a great opportunity to expand their existing business. In 2017, they opened the Vipp shelter at Lake Immeln in the South of Sweden. It’s a 55 m cabin in the middle of the woods, entirely made out of the same steel the bin is made of. The interior is very clean and practical, as the Danish do best. All in order to not be distracted from the beautiful nature that surrounds you.

An act of love

In 1939, Holger Nielson made a pedal dustbin for his wife who owned a hair salon. That’s basically how the story of Vipp started. Now, 79 years and two generations later, the company produces kitchens, furniture, lightning, bathrooms, prefab homes and is sold in 30 countries.

In order to offer a full Vipp experience, the company opened a loft in Copenhagen, a shelter in Sweden and they’re currently renovating an old Chimney house that will become the third room of the Vipp hotel.

A night in the shelter

Interested in staying at the Vipp shelter and enjoying its beautiful surroundings? You can have a look at the calendar via this link and book your stay. Just one little side note… it costs 1000€ for two nights and max. two adults can stay at this place. However, in return you get an experience you won’t easily forget.

Vipp Shelter Sweden
Vipp Shelter Sweden
Vipp Shelter Sweden
Vipp Shelter Sweden
Vipp Shelter Sweden
Vipp Shelter Sweden

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