The Weeknd performing in Sportpaleis (Antwerp, Belgium)


4 Mar

The Weeknd: A True Starboy

Yesterday The Weeknd took his crowd to another galaxy. The Sportpaleis venue in Antwerp was sold out and packed with music lovers, from around Europe, gathered to enjoy a special performance. My friends and I made it a boys night out and it ended up being the best one so far. Because let’s be honest The Weeknd made it even more worth it. This performance was another unforgettable musical experience.

The show

From the second we saw only the shadow of his silhouette we all stood up and screamed as hard as we could to show our support. In case you memorized the joints from The Weeknd‘s latest album or even his oldies, you would’ve sung along the entire 2 hours. Plus when our favorite ‘Starboy’ went on to sing his jam of the moment ‘I feel it coming’ featuring Daft Punk the crowd went even crazier. One downside though. When you don’t know the tracks by heart you might find Abel’s voice monotonous. Nonetheless, he performed everybody’s favorite jam in order to take us to another atmosphere.

Lorenzo: As a fan of the first hour, it was like coming home. Abel and I go all the way back to when he was just a little fishy in this business, so it was kind of weird to see him all grown up now. On March 8th 2014, almost exactly three years ago, I went to see Drake in Brussels, who ironically enough was also here just a few days ago. That was my first opportunity ever to see The Weeknd perform live, as he was Drake’s opening act. 

Back then, I saw a shy, timid boy who couldn’t believe that he was standing in front of so many people. His fragile but incredible voice mesmerized the whole crowd, and his deep and dark lyrics set the mood. But last night was nothing like three years ago. I guess the shy boy turned into Starboy when he cut his famous hair off some time ago. Is it a bad thing? No. He’s still as down to earth as ever, and his performance was on point. But he’s not the same Abel as he was back then.

The stage

In the name of entertainment, every performer uses lots of lights on stage. Though we all know how important that is to keep the atmosphere fun. While The Weeknd was wowing us with his Michael Jackson-esque voice and flawless live band, a starship flew above him. What is your opinion about the flying starship Lorenzo?

Lorenzo: I was totally blown away when Starboy landed in his spaceship. The visuals were quite stunning, but not over the top. He managed to make the show visually pleasing, without it taking our attention away from him. And that’s exactly what I expected. He’s not the kind of artist to pull out huge props, fireworks and a bunch of dancers. He carries the whole show by himself, without it ever being boring. That’s what makes him an incredible performer.



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